Software Development Opportunity :-)

I am working with a woman in Australia who has overseen the development of an app for yoga teachers. She is a yoga teacher and not a software developer. She had a partner who helped her by overseeing the development team. Now the app is at the point where she is bringing in money, but the partner is not really interested in staying on long term. There’s a dev team in India that has done a beautiful job. She needs someone who can oversee the software end. I’m not all that crazy about running software and wondered if anyone here was interested in this project or knows someone who would be. She is absolutely a lovely person who has done a ton to get this rolling. She has a lot of publicity on this from major players in the yoga scene in Australia. Probably a labor of love but she is in a position to start making money so I think it could also be a financial opportunity.

Message me if you are interested.


Suggestion: expand the title to “Software Development Opportunity” or something more descriptive to catch the eye of your target audience.


Good idea