Songs to get you through hard times

There was a suggestion to post up some music that gets you through a rough day.

I suppose it’s personal, but I have a few that I turn to that help me get by.

This underrated Dire Straits song has some lovely guitar work.


Oh, wow. I might as well just post the entire contents of my iPod on here. It’s not like I choose songs that won’t help get me through the day.

But let’s see if I can track down a few standouts.

This entire musical about depression:

Anything GBS will help, but especially:

Most of Avenue Q, but especially these two (which are really the same song anyway):

And let’s end off with something a little darker.


It depends on what kind of hard times I’m trying to get through, but these get played on repeat a lot:


Feel free to close the thread.

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Thread title reminded me of this one. Bit cliche, but…


Wow, that Dire Straits song takes me back! I used to listen to it on headphones while going to sleep in high school. I got a lot of time invested in that album.

I’m a bit of a rock-and-roller, and I tend to latch onto a single song and play it to death during times of stress. After working on a pretty stressful show for eight months then taking a week off (it took most of those seven days to even get to a point where I could begin to relax), I started right up on an even more stressful show… that happened to be an hour and a half away from my house. The commute was almost literally killing me, allowing me four or five hours’ sleep per night. After three weeks, I had to bow out, even though I really need the income. Still looking for a new gig now. Anyway, this was the song I listed to on repeat for most of the commute:

In recent years, my workaday woes have been made to feel a bit more manageable through the good offices of Eddie Spaghetti and his fellow Supersuckers.

These next two for when things are at their worst:

And for when I start feeling a shade more optimistic:


Rise again, rise again!
Though your heart it be broken and life about to end
No matter what you’ve lost, be it a home, a love, a friend
Like the Mary Ellen Carter, rise again!

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This is a comforting song when you’ve felt rattled or unsafe.

I also find all of Olu Dara’s things very sweet. These two are especially nice. A lullabye:

and Young Mama

I also really love this song by Crosby Stills Nash and Young.

So to summarize, acoustic guitar soothes my soul.

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I feel like that album doesn’t get the love it deserves.

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What’s that, Brothers in Arms? I dunno, I got the impression it was one of the most beloved albums of the 80s. I guess the initial reviews weren’t so hot, but it went nine times platinum in the States, so everyone of a certain age owns it.


If the bastards are going to stomp all over you anyway, spit in their eye!

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Camilo Sesto has been with me through a lot.

A funny thing is that in hard times I’m not really in the mood to listen to music. But there are some phrases from songs that come to mind in hard times. Some of those phrases can be found here:

Not precisely just the song, but the video with it sometimes helps pull me up just by the fast-forward run of some of the emotional rollercoaster bits of Farscape, while still ending on a balanced note.

I may catch some flack for these but:

makes me feel less alone.

Matt Good is also helpful, because he’s been there and knows it isn’t easy:

And this:

Maybe not everybody’s tastes, but like I said, sometimes it’s about knowing that you are not the only person who has ever felt this way.


This whole album. I dunno about the rest of you, but world situations and my fucked-up family aside, LOL, I kinda dig the 1970s.