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A thread for all the bullshit that’s been around since the beginning. Not the flashy fash of street marches and rallies, but the stuff that’s disgustingly normal, to the point that most of us don’t realize it’s going on at all. As the title says Same Shit, Different Day.




This nightmare of a thread:


FFS. I just read an article yesterday about half a dozen students, all black, who were sent home for “untidy” hair.

A photo was included, with the students with their backs to the camera to protect their identities and let us see their hair better. At my high school in the 80s, the teachers would have been praising them for having “tidy” hair. Two of the girls were wearing updos, even.


When my sister taught 5th grade, I visited her class. She introduced me and said that I lived in {midwestern-state}. The first question that was asked of me was by an African American boy, and it was “Is it true that there are a lot of racists in {midwestern-state}?”. I answered that, yes, there certainly are plenty of racists, but not everyone, and there are more black people than the stereotypes would indicate. I felt kind of not-all-wypipo, but there ARE anti-racist white folks, even here.

I believe this kid (and others with a proper education) would have made a well-placed ruckus over that kind of homework assignment.