Star Trek: Discovery ☠ SPOILERS WITHIN ☠

Don’t read this. Spoilers gonna spoil. You’ve been warned.

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This week we at least meet Lt. Stamets, an astrobiologist and biophysicist who is just as appalled to find himself appearing on the complete wrong kind of show as we are to find ourselves watching it.


Oh boy, just re watched the first couple of episodes, I get the new one mondays through Netflix over here, so I’ll probably won’t have anything to share until tomorrow.

First impressions:
I don’t hate it, there’s a lot to like, Michelle Yeoh as as starfleet captain! I really liked her in that role, and she was probably the best thing about the first couple of episodes, I guess we’ll see how Spock’s half sister (ugh!) gets out of trouble so I can see what kind of show this really is.


On After Trek, executive producer Aaron Harberts was asked why he made the Klingons from all 24 hours look different, his answer was that he wanted them all to have different viewpoints so he wanted them to look different. This does not make me happy.

I just watched the third episode, so discovery is a mystery show? How… pedestrian. That doesn’t mean it is bad, it’s still not Voyager bad, but the way things are set up now, with an overarching plot centered on a Mary Sue type character, it seems limited from the start. I´d like to see the scope broadened a bit more so we get a chance to see different types of stories.