State Religions

Is this a case of religion slipping to being an explicit tool of government or is it a prelude of a new war of religious reaction?


Ukrainian Orthodox != Russian Orthodox and never has. It’s a bit nasty they ever were joined.

Religion and politics have always been intertwined in Ukraine. Consider it pre-slipped.


I’m not sure if this is the proper thread, but I get tired of people saying “not everything has to do with politics”. Well, if the Dalai Lama is political, then how true is that statement?

It also seems to me that, while some religions and/or their sects are not explicitly state-mandated, they certainly are implicitly.

And is Vatican City a theocracy, of a sort?

Soo, in the local newsrag (city & county news + lots of advertising), there’s a 1/3-page ad for the “National Day of Prayer” to be held at Warren City Hall next month.

Isn’t there s’posed to be a separation of church & state in the US? Did I miss something? I can’t believe…but I can, sigh…that Truman proclaimed this.

Anyhow, I like this better.