Stress reduction: organise!

Dual-posting with the other place because it’ll likely sink like a stone over there. And because.

Freaked out by Trump? Feeling powerless and afraid?

There is a way to deal with that. Organise, and do something.

But the first part of that is “organise”. So:

And many others.

There’s room for everyone. If you can’t handle a street protest, you can handle the mail. If you’re strongly pacifist, there’s a need for medics. If you’re smart, they need brains. If you’re strong, they need that too.

Most of what antifa does isn’t street brawling; it’s tracking and exposing nazis online. Most of what the DSA does isn’t mass demonstrations; it’s local community outreach.

There is room for everyone, and everyone is needed. Not everyone can do everything, but everyone can do something. By helping out you help us all.

So: what organisations are near you? What are they doing, what do they need help with? Have you signed up to help? If not, why?


That Pink Pistols emblem is genius.


AAUW has a page on organizing voter registration drives. VoteRiders also has pages to help people connect to others who would be willing to take them to get documents and ID for voter ID laws. It’s all lost if we don’t fight voter suppresssion.