Stuff That Really 'Grinds My Gears...'

For anyone who doesn’t want to feel guilty about complaining about their ‘first world problems’ in the Fuck Today thread, this is a separate post for all the not-so-detrimental crap that bugs the hell out of us…


Hey, at least dropping my phone in the toilet made me appreciate that I have a phone. And a toilet.



I complain about annoying crap other people do during my commute, or minor annoyances that just happen in everyday life, but when you read Fuck Today, it’s like a being smacked upside the head with the reality that some people’s problems make mine look like a cakewalk.


Because the table with the new coffee maker at work got rather filthy really fast I bought a vinyl tablecloth.

It is spectacularly ugly and offends my aesthetic sensibilities on multiple levels.


Trying to meet other living, breathing, sensate folks…where are they?


i’m with you. if you recall the lounge thread i put up somewhat over a year ago looking for advice on how to deal with my younger son and all the drama and insanity his actions had created in my and my wife’s lives, then you know i’ve had some pretty extreme problems to deal with and yet i still consider myself lucky in so many ways. things like knowing that he couldn’t go down to any one of a number of back alleys which double as black markets for arms and explosives with which to kill us off during the comedown from one of his meth binges or knowing that if i call the police i don’t have to worry about how much i’ve paid them off recently. lots of folks on this planet can’t say that.

then again, i’m of the type who tends to count blessings rather than keep score of grudges.


That’s a smart way to live; life is too short to waste focusing on the bullshit.

I often need reminders of that fact.




Spoilers I can’t be bothered to blur out: in an upcoming comic the Nazi version of Captain America is “worthy” enough to hold Thor’s Hammer. Be thankful I’m not uploading the image of this.


Group Policies.

Any other WinSysAdmins know. Oh, they know.


What, the aryan ubermensch captain thormerica? Goddammit, Marvel. That’s it. Fuck it. I’m burning my comics collection.


As some of you know, I’m a scientist. I recently did peer review for multiple papers for one lab group. Both papers were rejected. One was rejected over my objections, one was rejected on the basis of my recommendation. I had reviewed the paper I rejected anonymously. Not because I was rejecting it, but because I was rejecting it procedurally, and there would be no reason for the author to contact me with questions.

A member of the lab group contacted me to gripe at me, and doxxed me for my rejection review. I don’t think this person meant poorly. In the case of the paper rejected over my objections, perhaps I could have structured it differently to make a stronger case for the paper (I generally don’t feel this advocacy is necessarily the prerogative of the reviewer, though). This person is someone I’ve been friendly with in the past, but being doxxed for a review really doesn’t sit right with me. But this person also isn’t an author on the rejected paper, so going to the journal and tattling on this inappropriate contact feels like it might punish the wrong person or people.

I think I’m just going to let it slide, but if it gets weirder, I might take action. There’s a lot of debate in science about open vs. closed reviews, blind vs. non-blind, reviewers being anonymous, etc. Regardless of how anyone does feel about those questions, in both of my reviews, I acted in accordance with journal policies. Jumping in to decide I don’t require my anonymity wasn’t this person’s call, and it grinds my gears.


A wonderful thing when implemented well, a clusterfuck of major proportions when not.


IME, volunteering somewhere. Or even just next door.


Andorra, maybe? Not to be confused with Andor, from whence this being came:


What grinds my gears is the number of people still watching commercial telly, in this day and age.

And what’s really bugged me since remote controls were common, is how few use the mute button.

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My neighborhood is…clannish. I spent the last eight years living with and taking care of my mom, who died last June. We didn’t bake goodies and pass them around, but we didn’t TP other’s trees, either. When she died, I put up black cloth on the front door, along with a black heart I’d drawn, with her name above it and her birth and death dates below it. Not one neighbor came by to say anything. When I found a birth announcement from one of our across-the-street neighbors’ sons, I took it to the mom and she asked how my mom was, and I said, “She’s dead.” This is someone who drives past our house every day. And we’ve lived in this house since 1990, longer than most on our block.

I’m dealing with clinical and situational (my mom’s death; she was a little less than a month short of 90) depression. And I recommend that anyone with a partner or progeny GET LIFE INSURANCE. Or something! Thank goodness the house was paid for in full when my mom and dad bought it! I have an adult ASD, ADHD-with-depression son who probably will have to have someone around him to remind him to do things for the rest of his life. And to add to all this, there’s a sociopath in the White House!

To the good, however, I’m vertical and semi-conscious, and I can still go out to sing at assisted- and memory-care centers.


Damn… I hope your luck improves.

I did make two suggestions though - I thought the other one was pretty solid. And given the whole end times bit with your government, I’m thinking the US could use every volunteer it can get.


Insert “why not both?” ani-gif here…


The blue folk grind my gears.