Sudden Grammatical Change?

Over the past month or so, I’ve almost stopped using auxiliary “do” in questions.

So I ask “Want you…?” instead of “Do you want…?”

It’s still grammatically correct English.

So I need to know, are sudden grammar changes normal, or are they a symptom of some kind of brain issue? I’ve had worsening photosensitivity and phonosensitivity, over the same period, with flahing lights and rapid beeping noises triggering drop falls.


Without knowing all the details, I think it’s true that capital-L Language changes over time because our use of language changes all the time. It’s an on-going thing. To me, you’re talking about a smaller change and so nothing to be too worried about, in itself. Maybe it says something about the emotional energy available for frills and flourishes of language. (Not a doctor, but willing to ponder.) (Really sorry to hear about the drop falls.)

I have things I used to think about very intently and no longer do, and I wonder if these are good changes or not. I suppose that’s just how it goes. (What was the most important thing in your life the day before 9/11? Where does that rank now?)

For another example, I’ve completely forgotten the rules for hyphenation vs. using compound words vs. using two separate words. I wonder and worry, does this forgetting mean my internal representation is degrading, that my biological neural net is de-differentiating? Yes, but it’s also true that while I used to read well-edited long-form articles and books all the time and exclusively, now I spend a lot more time reading casual internet communications, which are terrible examples of the formal rules of grammar. No wonder I’m forgetting when I’m surrounded by bad examples. It’s not just about what’s in you; it’s also about what’s around you. (As you well know, with your environmental sensitivity.)