Suggestions on International personal HotSpots / WiFi?

I’m now going to the Philippines a couple times a year and this whole no-internet thing while traveling is inconvenient.

I found this product intriguing. Reviews on amazon are over all good.
Basic details:
You can buy the device for $99. You then buy service by the day at $8.
Or you can rent at $9.95 by the day day.
Daily cap is 350MB and then its throttled to 2G speeds.

Trying to compare competing products by specs is tough as it’s a bit apples and oranges. Anyone used it or something similar?


Are you trying to have internet on the go, or just in your hotel?

$8/day seems expensive for 350MB, but I don’t know what the going rate is for pre-paid SIMs in the Phillippines either.


I use Karma in the US, but they don’t have any international coverage. Also, I think their terms aren’t as good as they used to be because now they charge $3 per month regardless of usage, and charge by the gig for usage. It used to be that they only charged for usage.

Anyway, back to the original question; have you looked in to local options? I think you’re going to pay a premium for something “international” but if you are only going to one place, if you just use a service from a local telco, you’ll probably get a much better deal.


Hotels have free WiFi but I am spending less time in hotels. So in general it’s internet on the go.

Ok I will spend some more time looking into local options. I had read a review that argued that the way they abstract your connection, that you can potentially pay less than going directly with a local provider. PH has some of the most overpriced internet access in SE Asia from what I have read.

ETA: So much marketing fluff on the individual providers sites. I’m about to claw my eyes out. Oh so Smart Postpaid Plans will replace the Giga Plans. That’s great and so what are the changes? So how much does it cost? What is the daily cap? What happens when when my free app hits 100 MB cap? I might just pay $8 to not have to wade through this crap.