Supreme Court makes it much harder for patent trolls to sue in East Texas

A step in the right direction, at least.




By who Tim Berners Lee?

I think the implication is that since they had a website, they had a presence in East Texas, so therefore it was an appropriate trial venue.


Does that let them sue book authors, film directors and the artists who design post cards then?
Good bye stupid law.

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Also, wasn’t there a story about possible collusion between a judge and a patent lawyer to, in effect, offer a one stop shop for patent trolls? I saw a reference to it a couple of years ago, never found out what happened.
I think the issue may be that patent trolling has been hitting the bottom line of some companies which are very large and influential. Also, some of the patents that could be used to patent troll are held by non-US companies like Nokia.
As a result, patent trolling is no longer keeping out foreign competition, so it becomes an unwanted cost of doing business. I bet there are some computer models of this being used by companies to determine their lobbying position.

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I have to keep telling UK organisations not to register .com or .org because they can then be sued in the US. I’m frustrated that UK domain registrars give them such bad advice.

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