The Alternative Media

Who are you listening to and watching to learn about the US and the World?




Big fan of the Crooked Media group.


For the UK, I have always recommended these two sources since the pre-internet days:

Private Eye is a strange mix of political gossip, cartoons, satire and cutting edge investigative journalism. They tend to break every UK politics story ages before anyone else, and are often up against the sharp edge of England’s horrendous libel laws. The downside is that when they get it wrong, they do so catastrophically. Notably, they don’t understand science or medicine, but still report on them.
The big issue is the UK’s street paper and often tackles social and international news that the main media ignores.

However, these two are joined by a host of online sources, such as:

Social Europe- for a continental, broadly soft-left take on international issues that tend to get ignored by the main news cycle.

Oddly enough, Scotland has produced a lively indy media scene, probably as a consequence of the ongoing Independence process.
The two biggest collections are:

The ferret, which is a crowdfunded news source and fact checking service, and

Bella Caledonia, which focuses more on longer form comment and discussion.

Across the Atlantic ocean, to where mo of the cafe residents are, two useful sources are the pudding- for some insightful data journalism, albeit with a tendency to obsess about certain subjects

And finally, Jacobin, which seems to be one of the few American sources that can talk about class without derailing into post-thought.


It looks like the LA Times is going to try to take the woefully-underrepresented “a plague on both your houses” viewpoint rather than framing things in favour or against one party or the other.

If they follow through, they might actually become a major news source worth reading.

The LA times is currently still shuttered in Europe, because it can’t be bothered to do the very basics of complying with GDPR. If it really aspires to be a paper of record, then it should at least attempt to allow people to buy it.