The conscious and the unconscious

Well, this guy makes a lot of sense to me. Just me?


I couldn’t get all the way through – I didn’t find the interview format very helpful.

Having said that… have you ever had, on the old-style landline phones, a situation where you go to call someone and they’re already on the line? The phone doesn’t get a chance to even ring once – they’re just there when you pick up. I used to do that with certain friends all the time. It only ever worked with hard-line phones, not cordless ones (even if they were landlines).

For that to happen you’d have to pick up the phone a few seconds after they had just dialled you.

So I found the idea of researching telepathy via phone calls good.

This is going to sound funny, but I just wish he wasn’t calling it “telepathy”. Also, IIRC, there have been seven or eight senses identified – one is the sense of where one’s limbs and body are, which has something to do with the phantom limb syndrome experienced by amputees. So “sixth sense” isn’t maybe the best term, because I don’t think this stuff is widely accepted yet.

I do agree something is going on that is neither well-defined nor well-understood.

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He has a Ted talk I’ll post where he describes the trials they are doing with companion animals. It is really an interesting trial design.

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