The Curious Takedown Notices of 'Tongues of Glass' Poet Shaun Shane -

[quote=TFA]It doesn’t end at these accusations though.

Looking more closely at the reported URLs we see some usual suspects, including BoingBoing, TorrentFreak, Techdirt and Popehat links. However, there are also several innocent bystanders being dragged into the drama.

The poet also targets the website of the company “Shaun Shane Bricklaying,” the Linkedin profile of sales manager Shaun Shane, a piece on Legend Solar founders Shaun Alldredge and Shane Perkins, and the TripAdvisor profile of Shaun & Shane Tour Operators.[/quote]

“Poet” indeed.


I found the poem itself in the article comments. It seems neither the poet nor the original publisher have read it lately.

(And if you really want to protect a poem, don’t write one that’s shorter than the allowed citation length.)


This means that the end result for [redacted] is not very uplifting. Most of the content he reported remains online and with new news reports being published (including this one), they will only end up higher in the search results next time.

Sounds like that was the intent all along. Someone trying to trigger Streisand Effect on himself for publicity.