The Herbacious Jim Spanfeller Strikes Again: All Kinja Blogs Deleted, Trolls Unbanned

Kinja users woke up today to find their communities and blog posts deleted with just a single day of warning. In a stunning moment of incompetence, Jim Spanfeller managed to delete the Kinja banlist as he pulled the trigger on his long-ago plotted Parthian Shot at the communities he’d muscled into.

G/O Media employees we contacted confirmed our analysis.

Some of the Kinja communities were able to archive their content. Others were not so lucky. Groupthink lost their archives completely. Kotaku’s Talk Amongst Yourselves (TAY) community, however, was able to export all posts thanks to the efforts of one very clever member. Jalopnik’s Oppositelock, a reader-ran community, was only able to preserve some of the posts.

Within hours of the mass deletion, all communities re-established under their own control and websites; TAY set up shop at, Oppositelock at and Groupthink at

G/O Media staff expressed frustration with the ban list deletion. In a time where outlets are constantly closing, Jim Spanfeller chose to destroy readership, annoy staff, and to let trolls run roughshod… all because one retired writer, once, called him a herb.


Is this only certain blogs? Lifehacker, Skillet.Lifehacker, and The Takeout all seems to be alive. I was able to comment on a new Lifehacker story a few minutes ago.


“Front Page” G/O outlets with salaried staff are safe. For now


Okay, I’m just reading this because I’ll read anything that I haven’t already read that seems interesting.

Did they use the actual word “herb”? From what I’m getting from above and my own reading, sounds like they shoulda used this:"Herbert"%20was%20an,and%20limited%20patterns%20of%20thought.


Yup, Herb is the word.

One hilarious – and sad – side effect of the Kinjapocalypse of 2020 is that every single longpiece written by the G/O Special Projects Team has been deleted, in addition to the personal blogs of staff and internal team logs.

All this, because Jim was mad people kept writing blog posts on the Kinja platform calling hin a herb. Myself included.


Not for nothing, but fuck Kinja.