The Password Game will make you want to break your keyboard in the best way

I’m up to rule 11 so far.

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I’ve made it up to rule 16, but I’m mostly only playing to see if they do anything funny for Rule 34. :smiley:


I have also made it up to rule 16.

I don’t know what the best move should be. Assuming I can figure that out, I can’t seem to figure out what the correct notation is. That wikipedia article is not helpful, in my opinion. Also, the possible moves are extremely limited due to the rule 5 and rule 10 interacting in an interesting way. Finally, I’m not even sure how I managed to meet rule 15, so I’m not sure what changes will affect that.

It’s quite the challenge.


Ya know… I’m not entirely sure how I managed it in my case either. :smiley:
I did go to outside tools to do rules 16 and 14 so far…


Well, I got up to rule 24, but then Paul was overfed.


I lucked out on 14:

At first, I was just guessing random countries, until I realized that I could rotate the view, and I spotted a sign in a non-English language, which was a good clue.


Nope, ok, I give up. Rule 24 just takes far to long to find a candidate (even though I did eventually figure out a way to speed up the search, it was still too slow), and anything that fits tends to make rule 18 or 12 impossible.

Wasted far to much time trying to find a certain length video with a link that didn’t have an M, D, or C in the URL, and when I finally found one it blew out the budget for atomic numbers by including an Hs plus some others.

I did start wondering whether a URL shortener link would work to make the video link safer, but already spent too much time :smiley:


I managed to find the right video for rule 24 but the :bug: started to eat the rest of the password. Getting rid of them stopped the destruction, but then Paul starved.


Ouch. It does appear to change the criteria for 24 every time, similarly to 14. But after trying it twice, I’m not in a hurry to go through it again…

Oddly, both that I’ve seen for 14 ended up being relevant to me and/or this forum… I got Israel for the first, and Belgium for the second. Pure coincidence, clearly, but was interesting.