The real reason your city has no money

Having spent my high school years in a suburb which almost lost its city status because it couldn’t afford to build hospitals to match its population growth, this makes total sense to me.


Thank you! That is a great site. Pity I should be working and not reading.

And a site that has otherly colored graphics for those of us who don’t do Red\Green maps all that well. Good for them.


i wonder then if the best use of infrastructure money in some places would be to remove infrastructure. ( tho try selling anyone on that… )


Even when I lived in them, the burbs seemed like a huge con. Sure, you get a bigger house and yard, and lower property taxes. In return, though, you have more housekeeping to do, more landscaping, and a longer commute. And those lower property taxes mean fewer community amenities, so if you have kids you get to taxi them around long after city kids their age have learned to take public transit by themselves. You also spend more on culture and recreation because there’s unlikely to be anything community-supported nearby.


Wish they’d not have animation and fixed elements, though.

I don’t now how that looks to most people, it’s just painful to me. I can’t follow something’s movement when it’s moving two different directions, my eyes hurt trying.

[Double checks article]

I don’t see any animations. It’s still images only.

What browser are you using?

I have Firefox 59. Reader view can block the pain/animation, but the other about:config fixes, add-ons, and styles, aren’t enough to block the pain/animation.

If I scroll, in its default view, the background images shift up and down, and my eyes can’t follow the motion of the text and of the images at the same time. Which hurts.

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Chrome for Android, nothing blocked. Still images only.

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