The Story of Why I Left Riot Games


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Re: the iceberg t-shirt – that joke was used on Archer. Which brings me to my favourite line from Archer (along many): “this is why we can’t have nice things.”

Where I work, just mentioning Archer is risky. The discussion always goes, “New Archer season is out.”

“No way! I love Archer!”

[person overhearing] “What’s that? A TV show?”

And then the first two people explain yes, but it’s highly NSFW. And that’s the most we can talk about it without getting in rouble.

So these guys screaming about freedom of speech and they didn’t mean anything by X… that is the future they’re making for themselves.

I’ve also worked in offices where we could talk about sex at work and everyone was comfortable, because we made sure everyone was comfortable. This, the Riot Games thing, is not everyone being comfortable with what’s going on. But because there’s a bunch of pompous asses not bothering to check everything’s all right, they just keep shitting in their own nest and not realising it.


Guy strikes me as a bit of a stuffed shirt.

“For the many dear people I left behind at Riot, I feel a bit of closure for you to know that I did not leave you all simply because a better opportunity came along. It grieved me to not tell you that I left because of these issues.”

Gee, thanks. No doubt that gives them some closure, too. Why the hell didn’t he just tell them?

Maybe it’s because I’ve gotten a bit more devil-may-care in my old age, and that I have a lot less patience for things being run in a way that I think is genuinely unnecessarily awful. But if I left a place of employment in such a mealymouthed way, I damned sure wouldn’t write a soul-baring blog post about it. I’ve placed a job or two on the line in the name of my principles, and at least once it cost me a well-paying job with a fairly glittering future. Not for one second have I regretted telling the fuckers exactly how I felt about them.


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It sounds like an absolutely awful place to work.

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I agree - if you’re going to quit on principled grounds, don’t be afraid to burn bridges in the process. Otherwise, what’s the point? I found this “quietly leave and hope for the best” approach to be perplexing especially when the issues are rooted in the highest levels of the company.