This is horrible

I can’t express how much this enrages me. This poor child has been traumatized for no other reason than he is black.

This kind of shit is still all to common and it’s being all too ignored by the mainstream media. The “kids” who did this will not be punished for it, because they are seen as “kids” because they are white. Fourteen year olds do KNOW better. They just don’t have to know better if they are white and male, because they’ll get a pass.

This country is just pathetic.


after one or more teens decided to hang him from a tree with a rope.


Fucking, cowardly assholes.


Typical white supremacist cowardice.


Apples, trees. Rural NH is where you see the confederate flags.


This kid was one of only 78 black people in the entire town, and probably the only one small enough that the kids could pick on with impunity.


This is not normal. Or tolerable.

People aren’t going to be able to hold their rage much longer. Eventually, they’re going to crack.

If you crack one at a time, you’ll be crushed. If you all go together, you could change the world.


To all those decrying violence as a way to actually defend people: what do you think you would do if you saw this happening? If you would stand by all “deary me” like you want everyone to do,then you’ve got as much blood on your hands as those stringing this kid up. If you would have rushed to help him and pushed his attackers out of the way if necessary, well, that’s engaging in violence to save someone else, the exact thing you’re happy to sit behind you keyboard ripping others for doing. It’s also the right thing.

And if you don’t think rhetoric leads to violence, then tell me where these teens all got the same idea that it’d be cool to lynch the black kid.

I feel bad using a little kid to make a point but this is the reality. Not White Supremacists fee-fees but real people’s lives.


I don’t even have the words. While the cops probably can’t say anything since the teens are under 18, the fact that the police chief said that “this shouldn’t affect their lives” tells me he doesn’t care that it was a biracial child that was attacked.

I’m tired of humanity…


Jeebers Crabst, that’s fucked up.

I believe that redemption should be possible for children who commit crimes, shit, redemption should be possible for adults as well. But, the very basis of that is that the crime affects their lives in ways that bring about the sort of change that makes redemption possible. Pretending it didn’t happen doesn’t do anyone any good, and no one becomes a better person when wrongdoing is swept under the rug.

It should affect every aspect of their lives forever, because it is definitely going to affect the entire life of the victim of this heinous crime.

The very structure of white supremacy needs to be dismantled and destroyed, because nothing else will put a stop to this sort of thing.


Easier said than done I think. Seems like all of American society is setup to keep white “supremacy” in place.


Sick sad world. SMH.

The only silver lining is that the victim lived.


It was originally, yeah. Still is to this day, too.

But what people create, people can change.


It takes a village to lynch a child

(wish I’d said it here first, this is a very compassionate thread)


Clearly there were bad people on both sides. Both sides.


True. Sad, but true. Wanting it to be gone doesn’t accomplish it being gone, for sure.

I hope that poor child has a lot of people in their community, letting them know that their life really does matter. I hope the kid knows that a lot of people are glad he survived, and appalled that it happened.