Tips to Safely Migrate to both Waterfox and Firefox Quantum?

In light of this thread, I’m thinking of installing both Waterfox and Firefox Quantum:

I’ve already found Quantum alternatives to most of my Firefox 52 accessibility extensions. I am still waiting on an alternative to QuickJava, which I use to toggle a lot of settings. I think Policy Control is supposed to have similar capabilities, but can’t read its menu or it’s documentation due to font incompatibilities. I have installed some tools, but need a newer version to install some other tools.

If Firefox Quantum works for me, then I can use it as a main browser, and use Waterfox for special purposes. such as converting Reader View files to Epubs.

If Firefox Quantum doesn’t work out, then I can use Waterfox.

I’ll definitely need to disable the extra tab animation pronto. Eyepatch check, sunglasses check, instructions… no check.

Anyone know of resources for migration to each? I’ve got a lot of unusual settings for Firefox, but reverting to the default would require me to re-un-revert the about:config settings for the cursor, animation, etc.


I just copied my Firefox userprofile ( %APPDATA%\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles\ ) into my Basilisk and Pale Moon directories. Baslisk wasn’t too fond of it (had to open customize tab and reset UI layout to default) at first but seems to be happy with the extensions. Pale Moon just worked.

WaterFox seems to be based on FF55, same version Basilisk is built from. YMMV.

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Thanks. Waterfox retains extensions, but loses settings, including about:config fixes such as ui.caretBlinkTime 0… I think I am supposed to add settings. My first reaction was to delete Waterfox for deleting necessary settings. P.S. My second was to try again, and I now have it working.