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I didn’t know where else to place this… but…

mewing (chewing food to bulk up jaw muscles)

Or so that you don’t choke when it goes down your throat? The thing we all do when we’re not eating broth?


Compared to some of the other garbage the incel community comes up with, “Come up with weird diet, exercise, and surgical fads to attain the perfect body and face based on unrealistic societal standards” seems remarkably normal for Western culture.

I mean, it’s the hallmark of a remarkably shallow mindset, but that’s the straightforward result of a remarkably shallow culture. For one example: of the hundreds of named characters in the 22 Marvel Cinematic Universe films, how many overweight characters can you name in any role? How about when you restrict it to “neither an outright villain nor comic relief?”

I’ll admit there are some specific troubling issues with the incel flavour of this phenomenon, in that the unrealistic standards they’re trying to reach are supposedly hypermasculine ones (square jaw, triangular torso, bigger muscles, bigger genitals), but, beyond that, “people with low self-esteem try to boost that esteem through building themselves a better body to inhabit” just doesn’t strike me as news.


True, but then again, they constantly rail about how women “lie” to men by doing things like wearing make up or getting plastic surgery… All this shows is that they are hypocrites in their toxicity, I think. They do the exact same shit that they accuse women of doing, and rationalize it away by saying that they can’t get a woman otherwise.

The more I think about it, the more I want to hulk out…


Oh, certainly.

  • Testicular enlargement implants, some “dinosaur-egg size”

I haven’t had to think about hanging Chads since the 2000 election


Reminds me of fletcherism, which was a late 19th century fad of chewing each bite of food dozens of not hundreds of times before swallowing. In fact, chewing each bite so thoroughly that it is never consciously swallowed.

This was originally done as a cure for masturbation, not that we want to give the incels any further reason to revive this fad…


Mastication as a substitute for masturbation?


Maybe they can’t “walk” and “chew gum” at the same time.


Shit. So immobilize active shooters with conversation? Fuck. I’d almost rather get shot.


It always comes down to a few millimeters of bone…

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Chewing food is all the action their few millimeters of bone are going to get.