Twitch streamer reading Terry Pratchett for Alzheimers Research UK

Some of you may have seen me post about this at TOS, but I want to signal-boost this as much as possible.

An internet friend of mine, KerriKezzbox, is doing a Twitch stream to raise money for Alzheimers Research UK. They will be reading Terry Pratchett’s Night Watch, with permission from Rhianna Pratchett, for about 6 to 8 hours, on May 25th (tomorrow) at 8 PM GST/3 PM EST/2 PM CST/12 PM PST. Their Twitch channel is .

I know there are quite a few Pratchett fans on the board here, and it would be lovely if we could get Kerri a nice big audience. I don’t know them as well as I know everyone here, but they’re good folk and they’ve been having a hard time lately, so I want this to succeed.

Thanks all!


I once went to a lecture of Terry Pratchett. He is one of the warmest authors I have ever met.


Stream’s over, it lasted until around 2 AM London time. Unfortunately, they only raised $200 before transaction fees, but it was still a good time.

If anyone stopped by, thank you!