My attempt at making ramen tonight failed miserably - crunching up the noodles, the pack exploded all over the kitchen making a tremendous mess.

Cleaned it up. Second try is going ok so far. Haven’t decided what to put in in place of slices of meat. Going to search the kitchen and find out. I know I have some tofu, but don’t really want to open the entire package just for a little bit. Maybe though, or maybe I’ll just drop peanut butter in.

ETA: 2 eggs and a heaping scoop of peanut butter brought it to perfection. A good tasty mix of carbs, proteins, and fats. Looks like brown gruel, but tastes great and has all the necessary nutrients.


Having fun making (my own idea of)
Thai stir fry.
Serves 2.

Soft stuff:
Small amount of olive oil, fish sauce, soy sauce
Small can coconut milk
Green curry paste to taste
2 heaping spoonfuls chunky peanut butter

Hard stuff:
Chopped garlic clove
Prepped chicken or shrimp for 2 people
Enough red bell pepper and pea pods

Heat frying pan medium.
Alternate between soft and hard stuff until cooked all the way through.
Serve over pad thai noodles, ramen, rice, or spiral zucchini.

Other curry pastes and stir fry vegetables/meats can be used.


Growing up, my sisters BFF was Thai. Her mom taught us to make ramen this way:

Lemon juice
Dried chili peppers (can also use powered cayenne pepper for a milder kick. Their family made it with LOTS of dried chilis)
soy sauce

This is still how I make it. though I’m not neating much ramen lately.