Update on personal matters

for those of y’all here who were part of the lounge you might remember i put up a post there asking for advice and commiseration regarding the difficulties my wife and i had been having with our younger son. i won’t repeat it all except to remind anyone who might recall it that the story involved meth addiction, spousal abuse under our roof, occasional menacing, and generalized craziness, culminating in our filing a criminal trespass order on him which resulted in his going to a residential treatment facility and trying to get into rehab but being turned down and having to try to kick it on his own. this seemed to work for a while and he and his pregnant wife (another man’s baby) were trying to reconcile but they both craved meth more than they craved stability so in the end there were more allegations of abuse and he was arrested with three syringes with traces of meth in them.

he stayed in jail from last october until this march when his case came up. due to intercession from his wife the prosecutor made a deal with him so that he would plead guilty and have a 10 year adjudicated probation but if he violated his probation he would serve a prison sentence twice as long as his remaining probation. we have been trying to find a place for him to live other than our house but the market around here is very tight.

something about the situation he finds himself in presently seems to have made a difference for him because he has really stayed in control of himself and his urges. he also got a job which he enjoys. ironically enough he does drug testing for a local lab. they have a contract with a variety of businesses like krogers and the union pacific railroad and the lab here is responsible for random and probable cause screenings for those businesses within a 100 mile radius as well as local businesses. he likes the traveling and he feels like he’s a useful member of society, much more so than when he worked as a convenience store clerk.

anyway, for anyone who had wondered how things had been working out, that’s the story.


Hey, that’s great news. So far, so good!


Woah! Thats amazing! I’m so happy for you guys!! And for him!!


Sounds like a major life upgrade for him and you. Good job sticking through the rough times and I am so hoping that things only continue to improve. :fireworks:


i must have missed this initially – wow, what a harrowing time. glad to see that things are improving. small steps are good!


I missed the original post. It’s great to hear a win story. One of my brother-in-laws has been addicted to meth for about 12 years now. It’s a mess but I don’t want to post negatives in a positive thread.


That sounds positive! I hope he keeps up with that. Best wishes to you and your family.