Upvoting the Wild Wild Web

A place to share the work of talented friends who deserve a wider audience,

Like my super talented friend Maitri.



Ted has been a friend for what? 48 years now? We’re both originally West Island boys. Ted is head of the jazz faculty at Humber College.

Samir has been a long distance friend for almost a decade now: He’s in Sarajevo.

Samir again, covering a composition by a mutual friend in Peterborough, Michael Morse. I’ve known Michael since roughly 2003.

This composer is a friend from Putney.

I rendered one of Cedric’s keyboard pieces, because no one has taken it up live (and my abilities as a pianist aren’t really up to it). This is a pity, because it’s an excellent character piece, and a favourite of mine from his oeuvre.


One of my favorite discoveries over the years is Amy X Neuburg. She has a degree in voice and composition from Oberlin College, and an MFA in electronic music from Mills College. She once had an “avant-cabaret” rock band called Amy X Neuburg and Men for a number of years, but has been doing different things since. I find her voice fabulous and her music intricate, entertaining, and just cool. She does real-time looping, so that she can sing along with herself in real time. She uses this to the best effect I think on her CD “Residue.”

Just listen to some of the songs on her recordings page. I particularly like “The Tattoo Song” from “Residue.”

Experimental, but very listenable.

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