US Politics: Bad Acid Trip During Trench Warfare Edition

A place to discuss the ever widening gyre that is the DC swamp, which the branded developer wants to drain so he can pave it and put up a parking lot. And a tacky time-share.

The one that’s got my eye today is the weasel-faced, MLM-funded, Benghazi-obsessive Jason Chaffetz, of the Utah 3rd. Who is not running for re-election, has tanked a 76% approval in UT3 (Nov2016) to just over 50%, is ghosting the House Oversight Committee and his own constituents, was rumored to have been quitting last week, and is now taking a leave of absence for at least a month because there’s hardware in his foot from 12 years ago that needs to be removed. He even tweeted his x-rays.

My bet is on the intersection of MLMs, money laundering, campaign contribution misuse, and an affair (maybe even old-fashioned spiritual wifery). Because something is making the guy run scared, and this is someone who is so cheerfully malicious that “to Chaffetz” in DC argot means to toss a mentor under a bus to advance one’s own interests. As a bellwether goes, this one’s frantic spinning seems indicative of something bigger than 14 screws and a plate in the talus.

What WTF politics story has your attention today?


of course it could be more mundane than that. his chair of the house oversight committee is much less useful as a springboard for press and fund-raising during a republican presidency than it was during a democratic presidency and particularly useful against the former secretary of state and presidential candidate hilary clinton. trump’s election has made his post a backwater of no utility now.


Chaffetz leaving is probably because of all the chowderheads pushing agendas in congress he has an intelligent approach to his career. He was expecting an easy 2018 Senate win with Hillary in office, and instead saw a tumultuous race against a random democrat instead. So he is leaving and re-evaluating his career options.

This is why you don’t put all your eggs in one basket, as the repeal and replace crowd has figured out far too late.


Not DC, but the formerly anonymous founder of MRA hub “The Red Pill” has been revealed to be none other than Robert Fisher, a Republican state representative in New Hampshire. The Daily Beast lays out the case in an article I could only bear even to hate-read for a few paragraphs. He’s a preacher’s kid who lost his faith and had a breakup around the same time, and decided this was grounds for – well, saying a lot of hateful things for years and prodding others to do the same. I guess “not absolutely everything went my way in life” is grounds for burning it all down in middle-class GOP-ville.