Us v Them (Union Busting and other suppression of Labour)

Paying that $700 a year means @Delta can’t just fire you just because, so you can afford that system. Paying that $700 means that they can’t force mechanics and tarmac crew to work at minimum wage and find ways to screw them on overtime.

So fuck you, Delta.


Fuck Delta for not wanting their workers to unionize, and fuck them again for thinking their workers are honestly this stupid.


Sounds like they are taking pages from the Walmart anti-union book.


“uNiOn dUeS aRe $700 a YeAR”

yeah, but with a union pension, when you retire, you’ll make a years’ dues in a month (from pension+401K) and then some. Plus, while you’re a member, you’ll have health coverage that the bosses can’t fuck with. And dental. And protection from the whims of metric-chasing morons. And protection from the whims of bosses. And protection from future company owners.

See, I like my management team. But they ain’t always going to be there. But my union - the solidarity - will protect me forever.

eat shit, delta.

holy shit, health and dental coverage for just $58/mo.


I’m generally on board with unions, but there are some pretty crappy ones out there.

A former employer had some plants that we’re union, but it wasn’t common.

I was at one of these union plants in the far south and chatting with one of the techs who had been there from before they were unionized.

“Yep. All we wanted was for them to put some air conditioning out in the plant. Gets over 100 degrees out there in the summer. Next thing you know, we have a union. But we still don’t have no air conditioning.”

I believe they finally voted out that union.


CLAC - Christian Labourers’ Association - is notoriously ineffectual. But despite that, work pay is quite decent for carpenters mainly because said carpenters threaten the bosses with organizing a more effective Union. XD

Unions are made up of people, get involved in your local Union today!


I finally was able to watch “The Automat” documentary online, and Howard Schultz, the man behind Starbucks, said that Horn & Hardart’s NYC Automats were the inspiration behind his conception for Starbucks. However, that doesn’t extend to the care that the H&H company had for their employees. Screw Starbucks.

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