USB is a horrid mess

What I want, should be simple.

I need a USB hub with the following properties:

  • USB C upstream (so it has a USB C connector going to the PC)
  • 7 USB A ports downstream
  • USB 3.0 or better
  • ONLY BUS powered.

The USB C connector can by itself - draw 3A without the need for the power delivery complications that laptops and tablets use to pull higher volts and amps.

I can find all but the last bit. Or should I say the products I find don’t explicitly state they will draw the full 3A. I do not want another cable for power primarily for aesthetics but just to keep the inevitable cabling nightmare to a minimum.

Everything I find that at least implies it is using at least 3A has ports other than USB A that I do not want.

Once again, it looks as if I am forced to compromise.


nm, that might be 2 amps

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Thanks for looking.

I believe I have it on my list though as an consolation option.

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