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So font-size css blocks margin css.

I can’t get decent margins, and lose existing margins from web pages and pref pages, because I set font size. I can’t not set font size because then I can’t read text. I can’t rely on minimum font size options in Firefox because they don’t size giant text down, just tiny text up. I need to do both.


The Annals of Headache Medicine website sells migraine triggers:


I’m experimenting with layout.frame_rate 1 in Firefox about:config. Should kill smooth scrolling. It doesn’t slow the mouse down, just Firefox and web animations which now get 1 refresh per second. Sick today, probably from fructose, and likely to be sick the next few days, from errands, so it’ll be some time before I can say if it helps.


I was really fed up that so many websites have such small text-entry fields. Then I found that many of them have a thing in the corner to expand these fields. … This site does not.


I thought of you, @MarjaE when I read this - especially with the earlier posts about PWM.

Since it’s not one boxing: “The iPhone 12 Mini Makes Me Sick (Literally)”


Nausea that bad may be the first sign of a developing seizure disorder. The author should get it checked.

They all ask me what to do. And the answer is, as you figured out, just return it and try another display.

IMO, obvious flicker should be considered a health hazard. Obviously more research is needed, and more concern for the consumer ought to be taken by the companies.

I’m not holding my breath.


A lot of dishes have circular bases instead of the traditional three-foot base.

If you wash them, and then dry them upside down, they don’t drain properly. This is especially frustrating with cups and mixing bowls, where it may not be practical to set them up sideways.


It is now apparently impossible to disable autoplay on YouTube.


On my machine, the widget seems to be nonfunctional.


I use Youtube No Buffer.

I think there’s a Chrome version, too.


I couldnt read the article, because of the animation, but what the fuck…


Who decided that???

I can’t read text at less than 18 arcminutes. And I find it uncomfortable at less than 22 arcminutes.

P.S. In Dark Mode, about 30 arcminutes.



LibreOffice and NeoOffice have inconsistent support for small caps. I can get them to work in Writer, but not in Draw. Can anyone recommend fonts which:

a. Are easy for people with dyslexia, gaze stabilization issues, focus issues, etc.,

b. Have slightly larger upper cases than lower cases-- maybe 1 1/4 to 1 1/2 times as high. Nowhere near 2 times as high because either the upper case will be far too big or the lower case far too small.

g. Have the same or similar capital letter forms for both cases.

d. Preferably resemble late ancient and medieval scripts.

e. Work with the Roman alphabet.

f. Work with Indo-Arabic numerals.

Andika and Opendyslexic fail on b, g, and d. Skeirs fails on e. Copperplate on a, and d. Most fonts fail on a, b, g, and d. Various Uncial-inspired fonts I’ve tried fail under either a, b, g, e, or f. A lot have samples using small caps which make them look like they’d achieve g.

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File transfer from Android…

Android File Transfer is the standard recommended option, and it’s not an option. It keeps other apps such as Calibre from communicating with the device, it turns itself on when you plug in the device, it installs a helper app so it can turn itself on whether you want it to or not, and even when you want to use it it’s a pain to use it, and it secretly reinstalls that helper app.

OpenMTP is better, but still a pain.

Calibre can export from its library to Android, or import from Android to its library, but that isn’t much use when you’ve updated a file, you don’t want to give each version its own entry in Calibre, and you want to compare versions before overwriting anything.

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Okay, the easiest way seems to be to use a thumb drive. Does anyone know how to find out which thumb drives will be safe? Some note that they do have blinking indicator lights, but none note that they don’t

I have a few of these:

These don’t have any LEDs on them and they are super fast. The price is reasonable and they have several options for capacity.



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I hate having to fight the printer for several hours every time I want to print anything. Yes, I have tried turning it off and on again. I have been trying to print a test page to help diagnose the other problems, but first I need to diagnose why it won’t try to print a test page.


I updated Google Drive for iOS yesterday. This latest version relaunches every time I go to it. If I’m deep inside folders I have re-navigate to where I was was. Every time.

My iPad Air has 8 GB of RAM, and apparently that is not enough to keep it happy. It provides the same service but in a more inconvenient way.

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