UV/Injectable Prognosticants



As someone in the comments said, “Yeah, but Christmas what year?”

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Futurology just shifted, I think, and the next stage is going to suck until we start actually trying to fix some things.

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A lot of these predictions almost perfectly match with my immediate expectations last week as soon as I heard of what Georgia is opening up, and the crazy ideas in Vegas.

And, well… as much as I like being right, I really, really hope not to be in this case. I guess we’ll know in a few weeks.


I can’t wait to see Harry Shearer’s re-enactment of the trumpHouse.

So, a bit of somewhat alarming information from the Atlanta Journal-Constitution’s coronavirus tracking page:


From the looks of it, in the last week, the number of current hospitalized cases (not just confirmed, which might be impacted by testing increases) has stopped going down, and may be slowly rising again.

On the bright side, this beats the more pessimistic 2-weeks estimates. On the other hand, that’s likely due to lag time before people actually responded to the “yeah, everything’s fine now” signals.