Vice: I Asked an Expert if Thanos Is Right

Mild spoilers for Avengers: Infinity War

I particularly liked the final line in the interview.


I’ll reiterate: the universal equation to reducing fertility (assuming you are one who thinks it’s THE problem to address) is… educate and enfranchise women, educate them in family planning, and give them access to family planning services. Every place it’s been tried, it’s worked with minimal disruption. One child policy, not so much. Impoverish and commit genocide, again not so much. Follow the universal model for demographic shift, however, and you go from dirt poor to rich in 30 to 50 years.

I suggest we begin this development policy with the red states.




The whole Thanos thing was just bullshit.

It was a huge disappointment to go from Black Panther, with a villain 500 times better, to this one.




Agreed. Won’t happen though since they are Idiocracy IRL.

I wasn’t sure about his plan (let’s give superweapons to the oppressed people and things will be better!). What about people who are in interracial relationships (and that’s bullshit since it’s just different skin colors, not races)? What about white people who fight to help blacks, Asians, etc with the shit they face in “society”? Do they deserve to die?


To a hammer, everything looks like a nail. Killmonger was unable or unwilling to work within the status quo, instead - like Lenin - preferring a permanent revolution. 10000x more relatable than Thanos, in terms of motivation.



What’s weird to me is the whole issue of a technological thing of superiority, straps, is supposed to be glossed over by tradition?

I haven’t read the recent Black Panther comics, but the montage of colonial world war in the movie was deeply unsatisfying. Wakonda is Midgaard Asgard, so … it doesn’t make sense. None of it, which is where the love for Killmonger cimes from.


Wakanda’s relatively new to this whole soace-age thing, having only refined vibranium about 80 years ago, at the earliest. While Killmonger assumes that Wakanda had the means and manpower to intervene in world affairs earlier, his assumptions are misplaced. It’s all very Shakespearean. A Hamlet remix, to be sure. A young prince, an uncle on the throne, a power struggle for the heart of the nation - seems like Hamlet, yeh?

Killmonger was totally and completely wrong, but his character had a lot more development than Thanos. Because we saw his struggle, we can empathize more. Killmonger is the revolutionary figure in all of us who wants to change the world. He shares all of our worst aspects, but we can relate to him in some way or another.


Seriously though; people are acting like I’m somehow wrong because I want a villain with more motivation than just “I’m fucking evil; let’s fuck shit up.”

The last line CJ likes so much pretty much says exactly that:

I am averse to solutions that involve the destruction of human life. I think those aren’t solutions. The point of making that view the villain is that it’s villainous.

Circular reasoning, much?

(Also, fuck every other sentient species in the MCU that isn’t human, right?)

Destroying half the universe in order to “save” the other half just makes no fucking logical sense, when you have the nearly limitless power of the space, time, reality and mind stones, not to mention soul and power.

You could literally reshape all of reality into a self-sustaining utopia, if you so chose…


No so sure about that, given the artifact Killmonger liberated from the museum was taken by the British longer ago than that. The rest, yes.


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I was spared, which irritates me just a bit more