Watsky attempts freestyle rap world record [UPDATE: set new record: 33hr33m33s]

Watsky, the whitest millenial rapper to ever rap, darling of the 20-25 crowd, is currently five hours into a world record run, to raise funds for musicians. I’ve been tuning in and out all afternoon to listen to his slow jam. So far I’ve watched him tackle sports, pokemon, the periodic table, dissing his hometown.

The rules of the freestyle rap length category are simply: don’t stop, five minute break once per hour. It’s a category that has exploded in popularity and difficulty in recent years; the current record stands at 24 hour hours, 49 seconds. A score of years ago, the record stood at just over nine hours, fifteen minutes. By 2014 the record had expanded to seventeen hours.

Watsky’s summer tour was scrapped due to [checks notes] a massive pandemic that is currently killing two thousand americans every day, so this is as close to a concert as we’ll get from this poet from the bay.


Now up to 10.5 hours.
I’ve never heard him before, but he sounds like he’s running out of energy.

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he broke YouTube’s length for video standalone uploads, currently in 24th hour of rap