What can we do about bad, mis-, or disinformation?

For example, the claim that “the Arabs” forced the Jewish people out of Israel/Palestine.

I mean other than pointing out that the Assyrian Empire, Neo-Babylonian Empire, and Roman Empire, were responsible for that, and that the Roman/Byzantine Empire had periodic persecutions for centuries afterwards, etc., I can only odd.

I figure on one hand there might be honest historical ignorance. But on the other, I can’t correct this without getting slapped for it, and this reinforces current ethnic and religious hatred.


I am so with you on this one. And it’s been going on since the first empire of whoever-wherever came into being. Unfortunately, we’re going through a Dark Age of our own, it would appear.

All I can come up with is keep fighting the good fight, and make friends not battles. And hold on and ride it out the best one can.

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and also England was involved in the formation of modern Israel but no one talks about their role in all this mess?


I know, like the Balfour Declaration never happened. But it was Truman what signed the paper, so…