Whatcha Watchin'?


KOTH worked because everyone was an utter moron. But they were sympathetic utter morons and were portrayed with compassion.

Beavis & Butthead, and I’d say Office Space as well, worked because they really tapped into what made Gen X tick at the time. The characters were identifiable even though they were far from sympathetic. B&B were latchkey kids raised on TV and OS was about discovering that the system is stacked against you.

This Goode Family.… I’ve never watched it and the copyright owner in the above link has blocked in here in South Korea. And I don’t give enough of a shit to track it down. But the Google shows me nothing identifiable nor sympathetic in the characters or situation. It reads like someone animated the more idiotic parts of Reddit.


ironically, animated gifs are the best part of reddit


Having watched several episodes back when it was on – I was very hopeful it’d be a gentle, playful ribbing of liberals and as sympathetic as KotH – it felt more like Mike Judge spent a week hanging out at Whole Foods, juice bars, and raw food restaurants, wrote down the most lefty-liberal-hippie things he heard, and made a show about how he imagined those peoples lives would be like. There’s some clever funny stuff there, but it’s not sympathetic. The characters are so ridiculously well meaning that they inevitably cause pain and destruction to everyone around them. It’s the opposite of compassion.


i feel King of the Hill took the lessons of The Simpsons and translated it to Texas: on the surface it’s a cast of hilarious, simple people, but every so often he would blindside you with some deep, touching moment or heartbreaking character development. over the course of the series, you really came to love all the characters for different reasons, even though it’s just an animated show.


But not Cotton.


well, even though he was abusive and rude, you had to feel sorry for him sometimes, even if you had to howl at what a dick he was.


Yea, I’ve got empathy for Cotton, because his life was so hard. But, that doesn’t mean I’d want to be around him. I’ll be over here drinking beer with Dale, because I love crazy ass conspiracy theories.


yeah, i wouldn’t want to hang with Cotton for any length of time. i think i’d prefer beers with Hank, Bill, or Peggy. and yeah, Dale’s conspiracy theories would be a hoot to hear him expound on.


Obligatory XKCD:


The rut of “discussions” and idiots mistaking those “discussions” for discussions, or worse, real life, certainly isn’t.


The new Rick and Morty this week is awesome.

The elevator pitch for the show was it was supposed to be a parody of Back to the Future but it’s really nothing like Back to the Future. It’s a lot like Sliders and a lot like Doctor Who with one of the scary irresponsible Doctors, like Hartnell or Capaldi.


Season 3 of Narcos coming September 1! I really loved the first two seasons so I’m excited to see it coming back.




That is all.


I tried watching the first season of Archer but it just seemed to be another rich asshole in a funny costume punching petty criminals in the face…with arrows.

Am I missing something or did reading Marshall Law comics ruin me for the rest of the superhero genre?


I think you are thinking of another show. Archer is spy spoof heavy with cultural references.



That’s Arrow.

If you hate Arrow, chances are you’ll love Archer. It’s about a spoiled rich kid punching bad guys in the face… while everyone else cracks jokes about what an asshole he is.

But the are funny, funny jokes.


Besides loving the show, I want to see how the hell they step and last season’s ending!