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Just got done watching part 2 of S1 of the Get Down last week, and was mildly underwhelmed; hopefully there’s a season 2 so they don’t leave all those threads hanging.

I’m also still working my way through Dr Who.


Mrs. Cynical and I started watching Daredevil last night. We are about five episodes in and thoroughly enjoying it. It’s bubblegum but it’s highly entertaining bubblegum.


Each Netflix Marvel offering has been better than the last, with one BIG exception:

Just remember to stop before you get to Iron First.


Yeh, I saw a tweet saying “reverse iron fist: a chinese girl’s plane goes down over the texas wilderness. she returns years later with the mystical art of gunslinging” and I realised I didn’t need to waste my time watching it. We are not at home to Mr. Orientalism.

I’d watch the shit out of the reverse show, though…




The Bridge on Netflix (Canada). It’s a Swedish/Danish coproduction (with e.s.t.). Watch it for the way it cranks up the tension, watch it for the characters, just don’t watch it for the Hollywood Happy Endings because you ain’t gonna get them.

Full disclosure: I love Saga. She is awesome.


Haven’t seen it but the british remake on sky was good.

I’d agree, except that it seems like it’s developing a lot of the plot threads from Daredevil S2 and in turn seems to be setting up Defenders. I’m about half way through Iron Fist and currently trying to muster the patience to finish it. Ugh


We’re currently trying to watch Mr Robot. We’re 4 episodes in and none of the characters are likeable and it feels like the big reveal is going to be that the writers really like Fight Club.


Can I recommend Person of Interest? It starts as a procedural and morphs into a sci-fi thriller in later seasons.


Season 1 was great, S2 was disappointing, IMO.


Started Westworld last night.

Pleasantly surprised.


Still watching and enjoying Powerless. And the new season of Archer has begun! I don’t usually follow a lot of shows (not gonna pretend I don’t like TV–I just can’t let myself spend too much time on it until I finish school), but it’s nice to have something to look forward to every week, now that Grimm is over (:cry:).


If the characters were more likeable it would be less of an issue. So far we have

  • Elliot - Protaganist, autistic hacking savant and drug addict. A man with so many problems with social interaction it’s a wonder he can get out of bed
  • Mr Robot - probably his dead dad / Tyler Durden. At least Christian Slater has stopped trying to be a cut-rate Jack Nicholson
  • the blonde one - childhood friend carrying a torch for Elliot but dating douchebag boyfriend. As of Ep 4 has just infected the network at the cybersecurity firm she works at rather than talking to any of the cybersecurity experts at the cybersecurity firm she works at. Elliot cares so much for her he hasn’t told her the douchebag boyfriend is a douchebag
  • douchebag boyfriend - is a douchebag
  • boss of the firm - he’s a nice guy, we like him. Not getting much screentime, though.
  • Evil Corp guy - he’s evil. Sleeps around like Captain Eyebrows from Halt and Catch Fire, but also beats up homeless guys as stress release. And he’s very rich. Maybe he’s Batman if Batman were bi?
  • Mrs Evil Corp guy - pregnant and bdsm kinky. Half expecting her to turn out to be his sister.
  • Darlene (fsociety) - a cut-rate Fight Club Helena Bonham Carter
  • the black guy (fsociety) - revelaed in Ep 4 that he knows a cure to Elliott’s morphine withdrawal symptoms because it’s something his aunt used to use. Because of course it’s the black guy that knows this.
  • the drug dealer / girlfriend - no real connection to Elliott apart from jumping him when they’re high (how can a guy with no social skills be getting so much sex?). Happy to reveal her innermost secrets as soon as she’s asked. You can tell they’re special because she hasn’t Instagrammed the shit out of them (yet).

We’re going to give it another couple of episodes and see if it goes anywhere


Well personally, I went into Mr Robot with almost no expectations, since I’m not all that tech savvy.

That may be part of why I enjoyed the first season, despite the lack of likable characters. But S2 kinda went off the rails for me and I lost interest.

Side notes:

Darlene is more than a poor man’s Helena Bonham Carter, but the narrative takes forever to get to that point.

Ms. Evil Corp is also more than meets the eye, but not in a good way.


Anybody else surprised by the Adam Savage guest appearance on Expanse?


I’ve been watching Feud on FX, and it’s been a treat. Both Susan Sarandon as Bette Davis and Jessica Lange as Joan Crawford are revelatory. The production values are lush and beautiful – this is a story about the fading of the Golden Years of Hollywood as much as the rivalry between Davis and Crawford, and it brings that time period to life. Very much recommended.


Agreed. I watched the entire run in 2016. If you accept the first season for what it is (episodic TV where the good guys beat up on deserving scumbags) and roll with it as a prologue, Person of Interest starts paying off. You can probably skip a bunch of episodes in season 1 to get the same results.

I’m willing to stick with Mr. Robot for at least another season.


I needed another break from Doctor Who, so I’m trying out Crazy Ex Girlfriend.