Who should we elect in 2016?

Clinton’s comments on Bernie are a projection of her (losing) tactics against both Obama and Trump.

I think everyone on the planet would have been better off if Clinton had won the Electoral College. This includes the inevitable fallout from outrage at her Trumpian self-regard and donor-class legal-ish corruption.

I don’t feel the same about Warren at all. A Warren/Sanders Sanders/Warren campaign team would kick ass. Fuck the haters.


ugh, i just don’t get wtf motivated this. it seems to clearly be a political hit piece, timed to affect his rise in the polls. Is it part of some of that Dem establishment rancor against Bernie? or is it all just bitter feelings she has lingering about 2016? it just seems rich for her to call him a “career politician” when she is/was one herself.

I don’t see how she cannot understand that the world has indeed changed since that election, and now Bernie and his policies – which once were considered too far left – are now quite mainstream, and even popular. He was right all along, and people are just now understanding how right he (and Warren) are.

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The donor elite need a spokesbot to oppose him. Bloomberg isn’t cutting it, despite the ridiculous amount of money being spent.

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Did you mean 2020. Seriously I am ready to vote for a sack of hammers cause that is still a better option than Trump.


There seem to be a number of very well-connected people who think that if the Dems just nominate someone like John Kerry again, everything will be great… again.