Wifi Signal Strength Hack

This reminded me of the time I had rented a cottage with some friends, and the owner forgot to leave the house alarm code for us in the lockbox we got the house key from. We wound up putting tinfoil on all the motion detectors until the owner returned our calls and gave us the codes.

Anyone else have any favourites?


I thought it was going to be one of these


Covering a router in tin foil though? This seems to be the source, it looks like the main idea is to make a kind of electromagnetic “wall” so the wifi signal is stronger where you want it, weaker where you don’t.


Well, putting a jar of superglue in a closed container with some Drierite helps keep it from going bad. Is that the kind of thing you’re talking about?


Oh, so I could buy superglue and use it for more than one repair job? Yeah! :sunglasses:


If the capital outlay is worth it, that is! I think I paid about $30 U.S. for a jar of indicating Drierite, but then I use a lot of superglue for models, just not enough for it not to go bad. One nice thing about the indicating Drierite is that it turns from blue to pink when it’s fully saturated with water. Then you can put some on a cookie sheet in a low oven to drive out the moisture, then use it again. (Note I got the indicating type, not the regular type I linked to above.)


single use packages are the way to go.



it took me a couple of hops to find their youtube video. looks like they use a computer program to generate a shape which they 3d print and then cover with foil.

it’s neat… but i kinda want to know how do they generate their wifi heat maps?

ive always been curious to see what the wifi layout in my place is. and, for not having neighbours that are all that close, where all of the other signals i see floating around are coming from.

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I had some superglue in a non-single-use tube once. I was so afraid I’d accidentally mistake it for eyedrops or whatever that I gave the whole damn tube to the first neighbor who came asking for superglue.