Will Smith is lucky that he has CHA 21, charming fucker

A couple of weeks ago I mentioned the idea of D&D set in our modern world to @Wanderfound. Yesterday I see a trailer for the following Will Smith movie that seems to be exactly that;

I wonder if I can go back in time and stop the movie producers from having the same idea both me and the producers of the Shadowrun RPG back in the 80s had…


It isn’t all that unexpecte with what Nightwatch, Harry Dresden, Sandman Slim and who knows what else modern fantasy stuff is out there. I have long thought that the Nightwatch world would make a pretty kick ass RPG setting.


This is very thinly veiled Shadowrun based on he trailer, but I suspect it will end up a d20 modern in execution.


More than a hint of Alien Nation to it as well.


Wow. After all these years… I remember back in the 90’s when the rumors were floating around that a Shadowrun movie was being made and it was even going to involve deckers in the matrix. And then The Matrix came out and was in no way related. I thought that had killed the chances of a Shadowrun movie, and it was a sad day. But now this, almost 20 years later, and with Will Smith even! That’s some seriously good news. :smiley:

I’m still kind of surprised that Mutant Chronicles got a movie first (2008).

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It wasn’t very good. Better than I expected but still kinda meh overall.

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Shotgun forearms? Are there shotgun forearms?

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As a slight tangent I will say that charisma is far over-rated. It is exceedingly difficult to avoid influencing how people feel. It takes a lot of discipline and effort to avoid “personal chemistry”. I wouldn’t wish it upon Will Smith, or anybody else.

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