Winter Solstice Topic of the Day: What Lights You Up?

We saw a video by this guy at work, and this is a much quicker summary of his point.

A STRENGTH is the thing that lights you up. The thing you LOVE to do. The thing that you would do for free. The thing that you look up at the clock and hours have passed and you were having such a good time that you didn’t even notice how fast the time went.

A WEAKNESS is the thing that dulls your light. It might be a thing you are good at, but it’s not fun for you. It drains you out. The hours drag when you do it.

For the solstice, let’s generate some inner light. What lights you up? And bonus challenge, do more of the light up things today.

and double bonus challenge, share it with us.

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I love yoga and I do a lot of it for free. Here’s a video I made for a friend who was amid the fires in CA.


It’s not a strength or anything, but what’s lighting me up right now is that as of about 12 hours ago, I’m ON LEAVE! Until Jan 4. Yay!! (Insert kermitwavingarms.gif here)


I like figuring out how to make something and then making it; also figuring out how to communicate something and then communicating it.

What gets me down is when people I have to collaborate with (in either a paid or unpaid context) leap to the second part without thinking about the first part. So we get everything from community-created charity blankets that are too ugly and uncomfortable to use, to unrehearsed performances which desperately needed to be rehearsed, to great ideas pitched with poorly formatted PowerPoints.

And it’s not like I know all the answers – if I did, is have my own business and be making more money than I am as a wage slave. It’s just I really believe craftsmanship is a thing, and that it’s important.

And the weird thing is that this notion of thinking about the how keeps surprising people, both in paid and unpaid contexts.

I think “how” is going to be my word for next year.

  • Finding creative solutions to tough problems. This is one thing that I love about work. Of course, sometimes there’s no time, or a creative solution isn’t what’s needed. But when the opportunity arises, it’s more play than work.

  • Kind of a corollary, playing with my imagination/creativity. Lately I’ve been using solo-RPG things (mentioned in another topic) to roll up random things (characters, events, places, plot hooks), interpret them, and weave them together into stories. Escaping into an epic world that I’m discovering as I go, it’s relaxing.

Today work involved a lengthy and interesting brainstorming session that gave me some interesting things to consider for a big project, and tonight I have a new booklet of randomization techniques to play with. :smile: