Woman flushes her emotional support hamster down toilet, claiming airline staff told her to


I can’t like that. That is horrible. That is …gah!.

Sorry. just gah!


The hamster was the only true innocent party here, for sure.

As for the woman… I want to know why she thought a famously nervous, easily-sickened creature was okay with travel in the first place, and why she thought it would be okay to take such a small rodent out of its cage during a commercial flight.


“We would be happy to screen a hamster,” TSA spokesperson Lisa Farbstein said. “A hamster does not pose a security risk and TSA is focused on security risks.”

Real news or fake news, you be the judge.


According to the article, it wasn’t the TSA that objected. It was the airline.

Even then, they didn’t object that much, except the woman wanted to remove the hamster from its cage during the flight.


Well it’s cleaning up split milk after the wolf killed your cow, but she should never be allowed another pet.


I can’t read that story. That kind of thing enrages me past the point of coherence. Fuck anyone like that. Find another fucking solution.

Excuse me, I need to go punch things.


I saw the headlines and expected this to be a situation where the employee told her to do it, and she didn’t and went to the media. That would be sympathetic. The fact that she either did it, or is claiming to have done it, is not the cute helpless college student act this person seems to think it is.

I saw elsewhere that they were able to rebook the flight for several hours later. Literally any solution was better than this one. Just leave it in its cage somewhere. Most airports have a police station; they could take it and call animal control. Call a rescue and grab a cab and drop it off. What the actual fuck. This can’t be real.