Work changing "healthcare" plans so I'm screwed

It’s open enrollment time at work and they are dumping the plan we have been on for the past 5 years (set amounts for prescriptions and visits). Now they are forcing us to HPHD and HSA plans. This means I won’t be able to afford to go to the doctor or get the prescriptions (my wife might be able to since she can sign up for Medicare). Pretty sure I’ll be dead by the end of the year of a heart attack due to now not being able to afford the blood pressure prescription.

so glad I live in america…


Shit, man, that sucks. Please stay around. Can you switch to cheaper generics? (Of course, that’s what they always want you to do).


If there is a generic then yeah I’ll do it. It’s possible that I am already on a generic, but since drug companies are doing everything they can to get rid of that…

yeah I’m bitter about life these days.


Some BP drugs have been around for decades and decades. They’re pretty cheap, or used to be anyway. I’m on two BP generics myself. I’m also on a dozen other drugs for other things. I tear my hair out trying to figure out if I can eliminate or reduce the dosage. I tried to reduce an immunosuppressant for Crohn’s disease that increases the risk of skin cancer, which I’ve now had a couple bouts of. No good; I need that one too.

They’re still covered by insurance, but the future? Who knows?

So I get it.


it’s just a way for the companies to keep more money while screwing over the employees. Single Payer would take care of a lot of this, but that’s not going to happen without a MASSIVE insurance meltdown (which hopefully the Orange Shitgibbon in the WH is responsible for).


I agree that it’s a cost saving measure for the business. I am also on a HSA HDHCP, but my company at least balances it somewhat by funding the HSA With ~$1000 every year. That helps with some of the opportunity cost problems that would otherwise exist with the plan. By also contributing a relatively small amount, I can meet my deductible using pre-tax dollars.

For me at least, I can save more on premiums versus a PPO than I need to contribute to the HSA. You situation may not be as advantageous.

Single-Payer would make these decisions unnecessary, of course.


I don’t know if my company will even help with the HSA. Not holding my breath about it




Update on this!

So it wasn’t as bad as I thought. Work did help fund the HSA so that’s helped and my meds are covered now (though they do the 90 day thing). Overall it’s been better than I thought, but I still want single payer healthcare.