Zoom is training AI with your face and voice

Companies are scraping as much personal data as they can for AI training before laws are passed that can limit their reach.

Ever hated Zoom for inexplicable reasons? Here’s a few.


Yikes! Next time University of Michigan wants a meeting, I will insist on scheduling because they use Zoom. Weird spot to be in when Microsoft is the lesser evil. :scream_cat:


Oh, they’ll all do it sooner or later…


Everyone Zooming now should give the finger to the camera. For the entire session. Or a (temporary!) tattoo on the forehead?

Edit: Is there an alternative to Zoom that is more respectful of user rights?


Welp, there goes my weekly Zoom yoga attendance - unless I wear a mask. The data mining for AI and other privacy violations are really out of control. Last week, a local medical system covering three hospitals was reported as a victim of a ransomware attack. This article points out risks of medical identity fraud that can result from scenarios like that. I don’t want to imagine what AI could do with that data, either.

This morning, I got an email from my condo management company that they are starting a new AI property management service. :astonished: So, instead of calling an office to speak with a person they want residents to text questions or requests for assistance. It’s promoted as a free service (of course) but there’s no way in hell I’m giving the folks running this a cell number or enabling any plans to get rid of our online portal and office staff. :angry:


Very true… and we have little protections against it, except for vastly restricting our engagement online.

I don’t blame you. I think this is all way out of control, since we’re now being pushed into this without much choices, as more and more companies turn to “AI” to conduct business, whether we sign up for it or not.


I wonder what the equivalent action would be for Zoom, based on what Reddit members did:



AI: “Everyone looks kinda similar to me.” :woman_shrugging:t5: