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Whatever you say, Mr Proudfoot.


I worked until midnight last night, and then the blue light from my screen made me too wired to sleep.

So now I’m in a fog through today.

Stop working.


Ugh, haven’t run with the stroller in a while. Did 5.5 miles pushing a 40 baby tank, and RIP my legs


using apps like f.lux and darkmode have really helped me in that regard.
also blackout curtains in the bedroom and an alarm clock with a halogen lamp that fades in ½ hour before the audio alarm, too.

I’ve always had trouble “turning off” at night, but recently I have been prescribed Seroquel, which turns me completely off about 1½ hrs after I take it, so problem solved.
But before that, the lighting solutions were very helpful, and I still use them.


Tried watching video in just black and red light once.

It didn’t keep me awake AT ALL, much less reset my internal clock.

It was pretty weird, actually. “I’m watching this movie and I want to know what happens next but my brain thinks it’s drrk n thrajkl m zzzzzzzzz”


I still have trouble “turning off” but once I can, I’ve found that a pile of heavy blankets (including a weighted blanket) coupled with a heated mattress pad turned on a low setting gives me such good sleep. I’m dreaming again, which means I’m getting caught up.

Odd thing is, I had quit using the heated mattress pad because I was getting too hot and waking up in the middle of the night sweaty, having to change clothes while covered in sweat in the cold of winter and then shivering while trying to get back to sleep. But now that it’s warming up toward spring, that’s not happening and I’m not waking up sweaty. I don’t know why.


I’m traveling all next week. I plan to replace my running shoes at the store I bought them at while traveling. And I’m also packing some of my shittiest old undershirts so I can wear them under my normal clothes, then wear them running, then throw them in the trash. I always pack the absolute worst underthings and exercise gear I have so I can chuck them guilt-free. I usually put the kids in things they are seconds from outgrowing so I can donate them on the road, too. Come back with less stuff.

So looking forward to it.

Edit: This is especially helpful for gymwear when I know I need actual good work clothes. I can still get workout stuff without sacrificing too much luggage space.


This is a good explainer video.


Some serious problems:

  1. Flashing in the opening.

  2. I don’t trust the inferences from rats. See Rat Park. Addiction isn’t the only thing that can explain their actions.

  3. “It usually takes continuous use over a long period of time for [tobacco] to truly damage you.” That’s not true if I’m watching. That’s probably not true if a lot of other people are watching either. It only takes secondhand exposure to give me nasty asthma attacks, lasting more than 10 times as long as the exposure. It is a major killer.

  4. Strobing at about 4:40.

  5. Zooming at 4:50 and I’m not going any farther.

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I have a lot of frustrating migraine triggers. But one of the most frustrating is the post-exertional malaise.

If I exercise too much, or write too much, or cook, or a little of each, I’m likely to feel fine at the time, but get hit with severe migraines and lymph node-ish soreness a few hours to a few days later. Standard advice to stop when you get symptoms doesn’t work with delayed symptoms.

Does anyone know of tools to track this, and to pace to avoid this?

I’ve heard of the Fitbit and the expensive Oura Ring. With my skin issues, I’m not sure about wearables, and I can’t use any accompanying smartphone apps, and I don’t know whether these can track exertion from standing or writing.

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i have a Motiv ring (which also is admittedly expensive) but my guess is that a phone app won’t track as well as a wearable because the device needs to be in contact with you to monitor exertion/heart rate. the Motive is a titanium ring, but the inside part that touches your skin is plastic. i like it very much – it’s waterproof and while it’s not as full-featured as some other wearables, it does what i need.

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It seems most of these devices assume the ability to use a smartpain and/or tablet. Many decline to say whether the blink, flash, contain latex, contain spandex, etc.

they do all tend to have an app as a way to convey info, and (for instance) my ring has a light on the face that blinks briefly when syncing to the app, and there’s a heartbeat sensor on the inside flashes when it is checking on your heartbeat.


And if their app isn’t compatible with my computer, it’s not going to work for me. Regardless of whether their app is compatible with some smartpains and/or tablets which aren;t compatible with my disabilities.

From what I’ve seen, that means expensive portable ecg devices or very expensive wearable monitoring devices. But the former might be worth if, if heart rate is a good clue to overexertion.

These are some very old guidelines, but they might work for excersize. I’m just not sure if they work for standing, such as cooking, or mental effort, such as writing.

P.S. I managed to re-awaken an old blood pressure and heart rate monitor. My blood pressure seems to have spiked since last year.


well, i’m willing to bet the hardware and apps will be compatible with your computer – they definitely strive to be as broad as possible for things like that these days. anything less could affect their adoption. everything else, i can’t speak to.

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The vast majority aren’t compatible with regular computers-- only smartpains and tablets. There are some handheld ecg devices which are compatible, and a few of the more expensive wearables.

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Blinking cursor warning for the following:

I’m listening in the background. PEM is so frustrating because I want to do more, and I have this idea that it’d be healthy to exercise, and my last doctors all encouraged exercise, and yet… I need to ration my exertion.

I’m not sure how many marbles to use, and ow many to remove as I do things, but a bowl of marbles may be a practical way to account for exertion.

These people are hilarious.


i agree. i actually watched that whole video, learned something, and didn’t feel like bumping up the speed to 1.25x or 1.5x to get through it faster. loved it.


I normally kinda low-level hate these sorts of youtube videos, but I agree, this one had some genuinely funny moments. I loved that the baby has zero awareness of any sort of audience, and the “hell yeah, sugar-mama!” at 10:37 was almost worth the price of admission all by itself.