Bureau of Un-Googleables

Ever stumped Google, despite knowing many particulars about a thing (and the one you can’t remember is SUPER ANNOYING)… I’m hoping this can be a thread for that. Where search engines have failed, perhaps the collective knowledge of happy mutants can succeed.


Needless to say, I have one to start off:

I have a recurrent ear worm. Don’t know the song or the band, don’t even know the whole song. This much I think I have straight:

Latter half of the 80s
Male singer, deep voice, either American or British, maybe Australian, trying to sound American.

Is not by, but would go with, Echo & the Bunnymen circa Bring on the Dancing Horses, The Swans, The Cult circa She Sells Sanctuary.

Scraps of lyrics:

She’ll make you shiver
In my head shiver
In my bed shiver

Some of those “shivers” may be puns/assonance – the singer tends to pull on the vowels so it’s hard to tell. “She’ll” gets drawn out to about the same duration as the rest of the line.

That’s all I’ve got.

Wow. I even feel better just putting this out there.


Isn’t there an app where you can sing into it and it’ll tell you what the song is?



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Boomtown Rats?



That’s not it, but I love The Boomtown Rats!


Is this it?


No, but it’s really cool!

The one I was thinking of was more atmospheric.


There is – it’s called Sound Hound. Given that I can stump Shazam easily with my music collection, and given that I can’t sing to save my life, I didn’t have much hope for that avenue of inquiry.

I just tried it, and it couldn’t find anything. Everything it said was “near” was from this century, and therefore 20-30 years too young.

I’m starting to wonder if it was a “CFNY band”, ie: local indie band only ever played on CFNY radio. Might be a one hit wonder in that case.


man, that snippet of lyric really rings a bell… seriously. this is gonna start haunting me.

it’s not The Bolshoi, is it?


“Shiver” by Kitchens of Distinction:


I saw a part of a movie on TV in the late 80s or early 90s and had to leave before the end. I always wanted to know how it ended, but this is all I remember:

  • There was a teacher leading a field trip, but all the students were different ages (from maybe 8-18)
  • It may have been a one-room schoolhouse type thing, but this was definitely set in the late 20th century
  • The class was kidnapped and had to sit in the back of a van
  • The kidnappers found out that a student escaped because when they counted off, one student was missing. They apparantly all always counted the same number.
  • At some point, the teacher and students were in an underwater cave.

Am I up for two in a row?



Thank you so much!
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Yep! You’re two for two! Time to get lottery tickets!


Hurrah! – [quote=“gadgetgirl, post:2, topic:487”]
Is not by, but would go with, Echo & the Bunnymen circa Bring on the Dancing Horses, The Swans, The Cult circa She Sells Sanctuary.

That was sort-of my period (strictly speaking I’m a bit earlier), and when I googled she’ll make you shiver lyrics, Kitchens of Distinction jumped out as a name I vaguely remembered from late-Eighties early-Nineties John Peel shows. Anyway, that’s such a Peel Show Band Name. :laughing:


It’s true, it totally is a Peel band name. I can’t remember if they came up in my Googling or not. Not in any way that made me look further.

And Hugh Jones produced at least some of KoD’s work, which is probably why I thought Bunnymen. I should have tried Googling producers.


Ok, I have one. Late 70’s or early 80’s I was babysitting for neighbors that had cable. I was probably in the 3rd or 4th grade. Late at night I started to watch a movie. I think it was black and white but that could be a false memory. It was clearly an older movie at that point in time. Maybe 60’s era.

A guy is driving late at night. It’s some place off the beaten track. Something happens (maybe his car breaks down) or there is a hit and run. I think the sheriff finds him stranded and gives him a lift to town. There is some funniness with the mechanic taking longer than it should to fix his vehicle. The protagonist sees a bunch of the prominent town folk meeting very late at night and sneaks in to listen. The mayor, the sheriff, probably the mechanic are there. Clearly the town has a secrete and they are arguing about what to do about this guy. Someone gets up and the guy is forced back into a smaller back room. I think the initial shot is tight but at some point you can see it’s a butcher room full of things hanging from hooks and covered with white coverings. there is a sense of tension that he will get caught but no typical horror type foreshadowing. As he stands up he uses the cow he was hiding behind to balance himself. Of course the covering slides off and we see that it’s a dead person upside down looking right into the camera.

I leapt over the coffee table and hit the power button as fast as I could. And then got freaked out but the sounds of the leather couch adjusting after I got up.

Ring any bells?


Sounds like an episode of the Twilight Zone or something similar.


It was a movie but absolutely had a Twilight Zone vibe.