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Oh bells are ringing, but unfortunately, I can’t make out the tune.

I know the story you are thinking of (I seem to recall a written version, or maybe I am thinking of another synopsis) but the title eludes me.


As I was typing up the description it reminded me of several more recent films.

U-Turn comes pretty close in over all premise. Guy trying to get from A to B gets stuck in a small freaky town that he just can’t escape from. Evil mechanic played by Billy Bob Thornton.


Children’s show in 1973. Might have a witch and a robot. I was living Vermont so it might be Canadian. Most of the action takes place on a soundstage that looks like a Victorian house. Had snippets of video similar to Sesame Street. Was live action. Not HR Puffenstuff, more educational. Once saw a lunchbox that might have been based on the series.


It’s not The Hilarious House of Frightenstein, is it?


Sure, I got one.

Once upon a time, I heard a song that was hella popular with the hip hop crowd in the early 80’s, and for years I couldn’t find out what it was or who it was by.

It didn’t help that the song doesn’t really have any intelligible lyrics:

Din dah dah, Duh doom dum doom…

For a long time, I thought it was by Afrika Bambaattaa, based off what some so-called DJ said… but he was wrong.

Then one day, I was flipping through the cable channels (this was back when I still watched tv) I heard it as part of the soundtrack to a cheesy old hip hop film Breakin 2 (the Electric Boogaloo.)

So of course I stopped everything and stayed on that channel until the credits finally rolled and I got my answer:

Din Daa Daa, by George Kranz.


Funnily enough I placed that immediately from your description alone. I was like naah it can’t be, but it was!


Perhaps that’s because I know how to spell ‘din daa daa’ correctly now.

This was at least 10 or 12 years ago, maybe more.


Found out about this from a radio compilation I was given:


I don’t get to hear much French human beatbox, but when I do I almost always like it.


jeez, i have long loved the Kitchens – i can’t believe i didn’t remember this track. good job!


Ok, maybe you guys can help with this. In about 2006/7 there was a Jewish (New York?) reggae beatboxer who released a single that got played on (London) Kiss 100 fm literally every fifteen minutes for a couple of months and then I have never heard it again.

The only person that seems to match that description is Matisyahu but none of his singles are the song I am looking for, as far as I can tell. It was a hugely infectious earworm that has been stuck in my head on and off for the last decade. Any ideas?


I got another horror movie one. Sometime in the early 80s I saw some mostly forgettable horror flick on TV with one scene memorable enough to give me nightmares back then. All I remember was it looked like it was made in the 70s, and a half dozen or so people were trapped in what I guess must have been a haunted house. Doors and windows locked. While they try to find a way to escape, one guy tries to cut through the door with a circular saw. Somehow the ghost (or whatever) possesses his mind and compels him to blithely saw right through his own fingers.

I don’t remember the effect being particularly bloody or sophisticated, but the way the actor did it with such a blank look on his face creeped me out completely. I’ve never seen or heard any mention or reference to this movie since, and I’ve always kind of wondered what it was, and whether the rest of it was any good. (I’m guessing not, or I think I’d have run into it since then, one way or another. Probably just disposably bad, rather than so bad it’s a classic. Still, I’m curious if any of you guys remember it.)


Looks like somebody on Reddit had the same question, with no results:


This thread is really messing with my search history. (Got to go, there are two men at the door.)


My mom was searching for a recipe she made for many years which she lost. The recipe is for Lamb en Croute (Lamb in crust). It was in Gourmet magazine, probably in the 1980’s. Probably March or April.


Matisyahu is the only person I can think of that meets this description - and fits it to a T. Even the timeline checks out.

His two big songs that I remember were Youth and King Without a Crown. Maybe it was one of those?

I really don’t know who else would possibly meet your description.


There’s a lot of recipes for that . – was there something special about that version?


Depending on how much money and effort you want to put into the search, somebody’s selling a set of complete indexes of Gourmet magazine covering 1966 to 1995 on eBay for $40. Might be worth it to narrow down the search.



Matisyahu is the only person I can think of too but whenever I have tried to go through his songs they all seem much too poppy. The central hook in the song I’m thinking of was almost scat and has been stuck in my head for decade but I can’t type it out…


Yes. It was the one she made year after year for holidays.


Oh how wonderful! It would be a good one to get back.

I was thinking if there was anything unusual about the recipe, so we could ID it or find a close enough equivalent.