Corey Feldman

What do you think about this? I’m willing to chip in some money to help him get his truth out. I think he’s pretty believable and the amount of money he wants to raise to do what he wants to do is realistic.


He’s got to clean up his own house first. Literally. Maybe get rid of his “scantily clad angels” that he keeps in the “Feldmansion.”

“The women are expected to adhere to a strict vegetarian diet, mandatory exercise, and no male visitors on the property unless they are previously invited guests.”

Mandatory exercise is bullshit.


First I’m hearing of this. I haven’t kept up with him much. Article?


Interesting. I get what he’s saying, and I also think he’s not seeing the disconnect. Hollywood is so weird. I’m sure he really thinks he’s saving these women, and I also think he’s fucked up about it. Still, I think he gets to speak because people who survive stuff like child rape and who are in Hollywood tend not to be normal people. I think he can still be believed about what he has to say. Isn’t this the charge that is always against victims, that they aren’t allowed to speak until they pass the standard for being allowed to speak?

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Again, I think it’s noble, but I very much doubt that I would help him crowdfund a project like this when he’s out there taking 18 year old women into his home and saying “no no, this is different.”

He can start a halfway house trust or some other aspect to do the thing he wants with more oversight and, at the same time, create one for young actors to prevent them from being put into the position to be compromised.

He can totally speak but, like Michael Jackson or Hugh Hefner, I’m going to take what he says with a grain of salt given the statistical likelihood that he is out creating his own victims while essentially saying “if you crowdfund me I’ll spill all the beans!”

Just do it then, get no financial rewards beforehand. Sell the mansion, live in a smaller home.


Got it. Did I mention Hollywood is messed up?


I think any structure that allows people to live very sheltered lives and establish an unrealistic way of the world is messed up. See: Dubai, fabulously wealthy, the Trumps.

The number of young rich people who turn out normal is staggeringly low.


Ok, he is an asshole. Just listened to his nasty voice mail.


Obviously he didn’t get to her while she was still young enough so he could mold her properly.

“I could see, like, if we could get in and mold them while they’re still young and impressionable, while they’re moldable, so to speak, we can help them make the right choices.”

Where I come from that’s called “grooming.” I’d buy his Angels thing a lot more if he hadn’t married one of them.


I think Mr Feldman is very damaged from his traumatic experiences, but the whole ‘Corey’s Angels’ thing undermines his credibility as a survivor and advocate.


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It’s fascinating. You hear about how most people who perpetrate rape are survivors themselves, but in his situation, it’s text book the way he’s recreating his own situation. He’s got all these rules he follows to make it just different enough, “They are legally adults, so it’s consensual.” “I’m helping them.” “They are women, not little boys.” It’s as if he thinks it’s all that different from his own situation and cannot see the same dynamics at work, even to the point that he is promoting himself as the good guy, the one who will drop the dime on the Hollywood molesters. Wonder how many of the people who molested him had similar mental gymnastics.


Right? And he can’t even see it, that’s what’s so tragic; he’s unwittingly still part of the vicious cycle of abuse.


He actually named someone - not someone most people know, not a powerful industry player like he has said he would name, but it’s a start.


When I saw Corey’s Angels, I knew exactly what was up,.

Hell yeah, I’ll give him 100 bucks if he needs it.

I think he VERY MUCH can help, and could be part of the solution. He’s no fool. Maybe a total oddball, but he’s seen some shit.

and maybe we can look forward to Goonies II?

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Curious, how do you see it as so? I do too. I think he is also toying with that with the Corey’s Angels bit, which I feel strongly is a schtick. I see someone trying to master his situation, and making progress. But like, thats just my hopeful opinion.

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Do you assume he is using the women the way it is thrown in your face by him that he must be?

I see someone daring to be judged, with no effs to give what people think anymore, and I suspect he IS helping. Appearance isn’t fact. He appeared to be SAFE as a kid, and it wasn’t what it seemed. I think it’s a little reaility hacking. I think it is a put on. Have any of the Angels left/broken character/ talked to the press?

Play the voice message in the article I posted here:


You don’t have to have sex with someone to use and control them. His super-strict rules about food and clothing don’t sound like a very supportive, constructive environment. They sound more like something out of a 19th century sanatorium.