Did Somebody Say "Star Trek"?

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I’m really trying to stay off Twitter these days, seriously. But sometimes I slip. And when I did recently, I got some really good news. An artist I follow who does amazing work got to design an alternate cover for the Star Trek comic book.

She truly deserves the success, and hopefully this will be the start of big things… I’m so happy for her!


I’m behind on the latest Star Trek serieses, but the Guinan mystery is always fun to think about. I kind of hope they don’t ever reveal the answers.

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the new season of Picard is shaping up to be fun. “I have made chamomile tea. Do you take sugar?” may be the greatest line Worf has ever uttered, lol


And yes, ST is mentioned.

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It took me a while to get this entry into the franchise. I think I just had to age, lol.