Dramatis personae game of thrones

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I don’t know about anyone else but I’m losing track of whos who.


Nymeria is (or might be) the giant wolf Arya saw this week in the forest.

I am under the impression that

  • Arya thought the giant wolf she saw this week was Nymeria, her pet from the first season

  • then she decided it was a different giant wolf, i.e. “oops sorry, I thought you were my friend”

  • but then the writers went on record to say it was in fact the same giant wolf

EDIT: The writers don’t seem to have intended this ambiguity.



I totally missed the callback too and thought she meant “you’re not nymeria”. Thanks for the link!


That callback actually made me feel better for Arya. She was able to let go of her childhood pet by realizing Nymeria wasn’t actually her pet anymore… if indeed the direwolf ever was. A bittersweet moment of growing up for her, one that wasn’t as potentially deadly or physically traumatic as most of the shit she’s been through on this show. But still painful. In a good way, I felt.


Since it had been so long since the previous season, I started rereading the books last week. But honestly that’ll take too long to be helpful.

One of the benefits of this show’s body count week to week is it keeps the active cast list barely manageable for me. Where I get momentarily stumped is when they trot out an old supporting character from 3 or 4 seasons ago; I never recognize them. Took me ages to figure out / remember who Beric Dondarrion was. Same with Lancel Lannister, Meryn Trant, and plenty of others.