Get your game on!


Come on then, what games are you playing?

What are you playing it on?
Why do you like it?
Is it any good?



In a weekly RPG game, currently Call of Cthulhu , and less frequent D&D, glad to be getting away from Adventurer’s League. Table top RPGs are my primary thing.

I am still playing Borderlands 2 and the pre sequel, I originally bought a copy of 2 in Europe for PS3 and when we moved back to the states I got the Handsome Collection for PS4. I have played through with most of the characters. I am way too into it. Whenever I’m feeling bad, I just jump back into the familiar comedy and carnage yet again. Right now I have Gaige, Krieg, Fragtrap, and Nisha going. Maya is my best character.

I had to quit Little Big Planet 3 when I hit a bug that requires starting over from the beginning. I was sad but got it after the price dropped so shrug.

I keep meaning to fire up the PS3 and finish Fallout New Vegas, I plan to get 4 when the DLC included version comes out.

I should play Tides of Numenera, my partner just finished it. And I could play the new Final Fantasy, which he played before that. We’ve just put the original Planescape Torment on the tablet, which is permanently in my top 10.

I played Mage Refuge on my phone over my Birthday vacation so I might try Vampire Prelude at some point.



Mobile Mayhem
Currently playing Fire Emblem Heroes, which has become my single most played tactical game on any platform. Recent updates have fixed the annoying cooldown timer, added a weekly-ish set of card drops, and fixed the asynchronous arena mode. If you like puzzles, if you like shipping, if you like strategy, try Fire Emblem Heroes. At this point, I have two teams of all 5* characters and I haven’t paid a single cent.

MMO Madness
FOnline Reloaded. A community so toxic League of Legends veterans won’t touch it. Gameplay mechanics so obtuse that Ultima Online ('97) seems easier to get into. And yet, it’s compelling. Deep friendships form around obscure things. Anti-PKers team up to take down marauding hordes of asshats. Old players take newbies under their wings. It’s free. If you liked Fallout 2 but wished it was real-time, this is the game for you.

Desktop Dance-off
Fistful of Frags. A free to play first person wild west shooter. Absolute blast to play (sometimes literally - beware black dynamite!) with fast paced fragging, well-designed maps, and servers where players know each other by name.

Console Convention
Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare. If DOOM 2016 and Halo had a baby, this would be it. Fast paced. Great mechanics. No time-gating, “progression” bullshit. You can jump into multiplayer and be viable from day zero, no levelling required. The only levelling you do is in your skill and knowledge of maps. Seriously underrated.

Super Smash Bros for 3DS has occupied a great deal of my time. I intend to finish Fire Emblem Fates: Birthright sometime this month, but making time for it in-between BBS and FOnline is hard. Fire Emblem Heroes is much faster to play and deeper in strategy… but in terms of story, Fire Emblem Fates is best.

Still need to finish maxing out Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker and Mega Man Star Force 3.



Adventurers League sounds like…5th edition?I never got past 2nd Ed except in the PC games.

What’s 5th Ed like? I never got into 3rd Ed because it felt like Advanced Diablo and Diablo, and I never even looked at 4th ed.

I’m currently running a 1st ed game (Stonehell megadungeon) with a few tweaks, mainly spell casting, thieving and removing all the crap that stops the game being fun (level drain, I’m looking at you here).

On mobile, I was playing the Walking Dead game but they kept tweaking it in ways that made it less fun but more tied in with the series so I stopped playing.

On PC I’m playing Planescape Torment again as a break from Sunless Sea. I’m also having fun in Fallen London, which was the browser based precursor to Sunless Sea



Contest of Champions, on my phone.



read title. this is obligatory.



Been splitting my time between Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild on the Wii U and Persona 5 on the PS4.

As both are long ass games and I barely have any time to play them I have a feeling these will keep me occupied for a really long time.



On PC:

Overwatch, though sometimes it ends in a ragequit. I’m too casual to play ranked but also dislike the “it’s quickplay, so teamwork and actually trying to win doesn’t matter” attitude – but I find the random heroes mode is pretty good. When it feels totally unfair, mostly it’s because you got the bad end of randomness, not because you got stuck with a bunch of chumps or put up against infallible gaming gods.

Also Bayonetta a bit. It’s not my normal cup of stuff but I’m enjoying the 200% style, 0% substance, total ridiculousness of it.

On phone:

Bloons TD 5, though I refuse to pay money to buy in-game stuff and so I pretty much always fail at around level 86-88 of any map.

Super 2048 – on an 8x8 grid where I have to get to the “V” tile (the equivalent of 4,194,304). This has been going on for several months, and I do have a “U”, a “Q” and an “R”. I expect it will take another year or so to assemble a second “U” and get it to meet with the first one, at which point I will uninstall the game with a mixture of relief and sadness.


My PS Vita has been sitting unused for months and mostly I just fire up Need For Speed: Most Wanted or Lumines when I use it.

Haven’t touched the Wii (heheh) or PS2 in ages.



I thought 3rd was ok. Fourth was all skill trees and pretty much required minis. I played one game and hated it. It was like trying to simulate a video game, so worst of both worlds. 5th walked back more like 3rd. I find it playable but not particularly exciting. You can definitely feel the hands of WOTC all over it though. Adventurer’s League is all modules so it gets pretty restrictive and you get no real character development. I’m now in a non League game with a home made setting but with people who play League. There is a rogue sub type that gets spells which is kinda fun. I don’t really like playing anything but that or a thief. I made a terrible melee based ranger last time that I seriously regretted.

But since my weekly game with my long term friends is currently online, it’s nice to play anything in person. Still need to make actual friends in my current location.



I recently got an 8BitDo controller which is supposed to be a universal bluetooth gamepad for iOS and Android devices (works with Windows too?). I got it for my son (riiiiiight) who is almost 4 years old and I think ready to handle a game controller rather than just play touch games on his iPad.

Unfortunately this “Made for iOS” controller doesn’t seem to work with any of the games that I’ve found.* Does anyone know some kids games (preferably free) that work with this controller?

*this might also be a problem with the controller connecting to the iPad itself, rather than the game - I’ve connected it via BT but I get some weird behavior, but I can’t be sure until I test a game that I know is compatible



My expertise is desktop systems, where there are games like Super Tux Kart, SMC, Super Tux, Chromium BSU, etc. Sorry.



Turns out it was a compatibility problem. The joystick I bought is not really “made for iOS” compatible, it only works with the obsolete iCade compatible games, of which there are a few, but not many that are good or kid-friendly. I’m trying to get it to work with my PC so that maybe I can do some emulator stuff.

All of this was a way for me to get him ready for a Nintendo Switch if I can ever get my hands on one, but I guess I’ll just have to jump right in to that with him instead. :slight_smile:



Darkest Dungeon came out for PS4 around Christmas. I’ve been playing that since. I might find something new for summer. I backed Sunless Skies on Kickstarter, but it won’t be out for another year, and I’m kind of bored of Sunless Sea.

I also casually play Fallen London, but not as much recently, since I destroyed my main character by going on a quest to find the name of a dead demi-god.



I was into Fallen London pretty heavily for a little while. I went ahead and bought the “An Individual of Mysterious and Indistinct Gender” t-shirt to support them. But I just sort of fell out of the habit of playing.



Yeah, me too. I got really into Seeking, but once that was done, I kind of lost the habit. I subscribe, so I log in every month to play the new content story, though.



I recently restarted Planetbase. Steam tells me that I invested 140 hours into the game when I first started playing it, and I set it aside for awhile, but for a diversion, I started playing it again. If you’re not familiar with it, your task is to build a viable space colony, bit by bit, avoiding pitfalls like starvation, meteor strikes, and pirate invasion. If you’re into micromanagment games, this is a good one.



My spouse is hooked on PlanetBase.

Also just started playing The Spatials: Galactology which is a bit wackier but more detailed.



One of my roommates is a longtime DM, and I’m currently in both his 8-year-long (so far) D&D campaign and a Call of Cthulhu game.

On weekends we often do some board gaming, courtesy of the other roommate, who’s a boardgame fan. We tackled the monumental Twilight Imperium this weekend, which was a relatively breezy 7 hour session. We’ve had games of that go 10-11 hours, but it’s still not something to take on regularly.



I stay a little behind the curve on videogames. Right now playing “Red Dead Redemption” on and off on a friend’s Xbox (having a console in my own home would be a very bad idea). On my PC, occasional forays into Civ VI and Company of Heroes 2 and (like @dfaris) Planetbase on my PC. I have a bunch of games on my mobile but find myself doing other things on it when I have downtime.

Once in a while I get to play some Settlers of Catan but most of my tabletop time is about entertaining nieces and nephews with simple kids’ games or chess. I miss being in a paper-and-pencil RPG campaign, but just don’t have the time anymore. I do keep an eye out for Millienials I know who might express interest in going retro, so Uncle Gracchus can swoop in with his awesome decades-old Call of Cthulhu adventure set in 1920s Baltimore.



Red Dead Redemption is an emotional rollercoaster. I’d love to say more than that but there’s no way to talk about it without going into serious spoiler territory.

Suffice to say, by the end credits I slightly scared myself with the intensity of the emotions I felt. I wanted justice, dammit, and Their laws were never going to hold me back.

No regrets apart from the bit where I gratuitously hog tied one of the main antagonist’s family members and dumped them on the railway tracks. Then sat there, drinking whisky IRL while I waited for the train to come.

Yeh, it got a bit weird there for a while…