Gun Control

The screams of children are redacted throughout the video, but multiple bursts of shots fired by the killer are clearly audible.

The first officers arrived in the hallway only three minutes after the assailant had entered the building, but even as several more gather in the building’s corridor, none attempt to enter the classroom in which the gunman had barricaded himself with students.

Armed officers are also seen approaching the classroom where the shooting took place, but then retreat when gunfire is heard.

I’ve seen various reports now saying that the doors weren’t even locked (or even couldn’t be locked from the inside) and even if they were, the police had tools to breach right from the beginning.

I guess time will tell when the full story is put together. But current indications are that the police just decided to call it a ‘barricaded’ situation even if there was no lock or barricade, to pull back and wait for reinforcements (someone else to go in first). They never even tried.

Kinda feel like they should stop reporting it as ‘barricaded’ until that’s known. Or at least give a qualifier like ‘was suspected to be barricaded’.


At this point, if a Uvalde city employee told me the sky was blue, I’d look out the window expecting to see rain.

And yet they are all still employed.


Manitoba Conservative MP Raquel Dancho condemned the move, saying it was “disrespecting an important part of Canada’s cultural heritage”, and “will do nothing to stop the flow of illegal handguns” from the US.

“Instead of addressing the true source of gun crime in Canada, the Liberal government is unilaterally banning imports without parliamentary input, impacting a multi-billion dollar industry and thousands of retailers and small businesses, with very little notice,” she said in a statement.

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