I made a logic puzzle. Happy solving!

The Logic Problem, consisting of introduction, clues and a solving grid, is a PDF, to be printed. If you like logic puzzles, perhaps you can test this.


went on a banning spree for five days, ending his reign of terror on Friday so he could catch a train to a WordPress convention to deliver a talk on “building community by fostering open communication.”



Totally fictional, right…

@KeisterButton, if I didn’t say so already, great job with this logic puzzle. It’s funny, it’s topical, it’s appropriately difficult, I love it!


This needs wider distribution.


I won’t stop people from sharing the logic problem now that I know it can be solved by an inebriated person.

It’s a real logic problem with a real solution. The test solver did some very close reading to arrive at an inference but the inference does complete the solution.


Thank you. Knowing your love of logic puzzles, your praise has extra-weighted meaning and a warm space in my otherwise acidified and shrivelled heart.


Are you able to edit the original topic and change the category? If not, would you like me to?

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I have TL3 privileges and permissions so I would like to try changing the category before enlisting help. Would you and/or others kindly suggest an appropriate category?

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Most game topics have gone into #culture, but #joy might also be appropriate, since it’s something you created.


Is there any connection to actual bannees and their punishments? I think that’s what tripped me up: I kept thinking I knew which person was being represented, and started using what I knew from real life to make inferences.

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There’s no connection to actual bannees and their punishments. In the copy I published, it’s written

“It helps to not rely on any factual history or any sense of proportion of ban severity. This is fictitious, and the appropriateness of the ban rests undisturbed in Billy Kornfeld’s noggin.”

I used some numbers that match real terms of punishment because they’re bizarre, as are some of the “transgressions” claimed.


You say that, but I suspect I am Leon Trotsky, because I was banned for the same length of time for the same reason.

These punishments are so outrageous and do not fit the crime at all. The backstory is equally ridiculous. An outsider would swear it’s all fiction.


Challenge accepted! :wink: I will try this weekend when my brain isn’t tired from work. I loved these when I was growing up!


I thought I was doing great, down to just working out the infraction for two people, when I realized that one of the cases didn’t fit the info I’d worked out.

I always did like this general kind of puzzle, but never really did well on the pure implementations of it.

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Yup, you were the one that came IMMEDIATELY to mind – as Trotsky, long before I even figured out that the time matched – which meant I then started spending time wondering if everyone else was just as accurately portrayed.


It does seem like it nearly comes down to a coinflip between two in the final moment of solving. Post a still from here with the magic phrase (wink) in a DM to me if you want a nudge of a clue interpretation. All the info needed to solve the puzzle are in the clues.

I get tripped up by logic puzzles, including sudoku, more often than I’d like.

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One clue describes the “questioning mod” ban as “daring to ask Billy why the bans were happening.” This would seem to imply that it cannot be handed down on a Monday. But

This is fictitious, and the appropriateness of the ban rests undisturbed in Billy Kornfeld’s noggin.

would seem to imply that this default inference isn’t a given.

So… Is that a clue? Do I need to rely on it?

Logically, the questioning of the mod about the bans cannot be on a Monday, that’s correct. Nor even Tuesday. That’s a clue to rely on, yes.
The “appropriateness of the ban” applies to the length of the ban mostly. The humour comes from the solver going “wait… how long for THAT? compared to the severity of THAT transgression? Ridiculous!”, the dawning of Billy Kornfeld’s idea of justice.


ah, solved it. fun!

A tragedy of errors.